Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap!

Not going into detail on my whole weekend.. But I had several options and fun things I was debating between doing, one being going to the Lake House with the couple that just got engaged, I was torn and decided to stay in town...

And I'm glad I did!

This past Saturday was my Auntie Cousin Joy's (dad's cousin) Birthday, I knew I needed to be there and would regret not going. I have always been the daughter she's never had.
Well she was diagnosed with ALS a couple months ago and has gone down tremendously since...
On Saturday her son told me she would probably only be talking about 2 more weeks.
Needless to say, Glad I stayed in town for the Birthday Party :)

Me, Joy, and my mom with the Ice Cream Balloons we brought Joy!

Joy and I

The Beau and I

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