Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm baccckkkkkk!!!

With that title you would think I've been gone for a year huh? Well no just 75 days and yes I counted! I have randomly checked up on a few of my favorite blogs about once every 3-4 weeks but as I said, it was a simple 'check up' so needless to say I'm lost on most of my fellow bloggers lives!

Yes I could go on and on about all the craziness that has gone on in my life this semester and what I've missed and who I've missed and how I learned some new ways 'stress can take a toll on your body' but let's be honest, you do not want to hear about it and frankly I'm not one to focus on the negative so I'll save that for a later date or possibly never..

So better yet, I'll share some of the enjoyable events in my life from the past 75 days..

I went into the semester returning to the Education program I was in after taking some time off, needless to say I knew no one.... I'm thrilled to say I had no problem making new friends (imagine that ;)) To be honest it would of been hard to not get to know new people when we spent SO much time together every week!
The picture above is from our methods class one day, (side note, there was only one guy out of all 28 of us.. He's a trooper) we had a quick break and ran to Chick-Fil-A, poor Lauren had to get stuff for a project and didn't get to join, but came back with some Scooby- Doo socks from Target for us :)

I enjoyed working my 3rd year on a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo committee! This might sound like a sales pitch, but those 3 weeks with 35+ hours on top of your normal daily life can be extremely exhausting but when you see the smile and excitement on the childrens faces (I volunteer on the committee that oversees all of the children exhibits and educational aspects of HLSR).. It makes it all worth it!!!
This picture is from one of my shifts worked with 2 of my longest friends, (we went to Enrique Inglesias at the Rodeo together.. does that tell you anything?) who joined the committee this year!

In between the rodeo shifts I enjoyed...

Tim McGraw with my best friend aka my mom!

Gary Allan with BD, Heather, Chad, Shelby, Taylor, Justin, Julia, and Michael!

The AMAZING Miranda Lambert with Lacy, Casey, Heather, Constance, Julia, and Kelly

Zac Brown Band with BD, Pierce, Mark, Kristen, Lindsey, and Mark

My favorite part of the rodeo, Mutton' Bustin'

I celebrated my 26th Birthday with some of my amazing friends and family causing ruckus at Bingo Hall.. I'm all about having fun in a different/unique way, (outside of standing in a bar where you can't even hear any of your friends to talk and your eyes burn from the smoke, just being honest..) so I always set out to find something everyone will enjoy, and this time I landed on playing Bingo!
Minus us being shushed most of the night by the regulars, it was a very fun night!

Me with my fabulous Bingo Cake Pops

My amazingly sweet friends brought me some precious gifts... One thing to learn about me, I strongly dis-like receiving gifts... I LOVE giving gifts and will buy the people I love a gift for the littlest thing but I do not like receiving, at Christmas time I always sit and watch everyone else and their excitement until someone catches me and yells at me to start opening, ha!
Thank You- Matt & Tracy, Michelle & Bill, Tracy, Heather, Rachael, Lindsey J, and Lindsey P

MY parents CAME!!! My parents do not get out often, so this was a big deal, especially for them to drive into town at night and stay out till after 10 when they normally are in bed by 10! I am sooo glad they came and boy my dad was the life of the party!!!!

Poor BD, he kept trying to keep up with my cards for me while I was a social butterfly, I think he finally gave up...

My BFF Rachael and I.. This picture makes me smile big and she's just amazing, need proof? Go here

Out of the 650+ people there.. We actually had a winner from our group!! BD's friend Pierce won a $700 something pot that was split 6 ways!!!

I'm kinda getting tired of uploading pics, so I'm just going to do a quick run down of a few more pics of 'big' things I've done..

We went to Dallas to watch BD's brother play Lacrosse.. It's his senior year at Texas Tech and we have not
been to any of his games :/

So of course we can't ever make a Dallas trip without seeing 4 of our most favorite people!!

I told Fynn and Wyatt to 'say cheese' and this is what I got... LOVE their little personalities!!

Brian and his Brothers after the Lacrosse game

A few years ago a sweet friend of mine lost her father to liver disease, I was unfamiliar with this awful disease until Julia put her amazing will power into force and began spreading the word for a cure! We walked in honor of her dad, here's a pic of half our group!

I have another friend that's getting hitched, it's actually this weekend! I'm so excited about this wedding, I have known Sherry for 8 years.. We met through a guy I used to date that she was close friends with.. Over the years we have discovered the many of friends we have in common, although I don't see her much, we know each other is always there and we will randomly text each other anytime we need something
I can't wait to see her walk down the isle in her dress that fits her to a T and see her little baby girl Ky strut down the isle!

I have other random pics and events but I think you've seen enough :) Basically my life has been rather boring and mainly consumed with school, it might look like I've done a lot but the pics you see is about it to be honest..

I do have another special announcement that I can't wait to blog about and show pics but that will have to come next time ;)

Thanks to those who are still 'following' me!

It won't be too long until my next post :)


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