Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Time...

First things first UH won baby! Not trying to rub it in to the Tech fans who read my blog, just so so excited for the Coogs!
Second, not a successful weekend it was supposed to be... Been in bed sick since Wed. so did not make it to the fair Fri night for Stoney La Rue not did I even make it to the Uh vs Tech game that I had been so hyped up about and had gone through so much work to purchase a tailgate pass.
Third, The Tailgate Shower was a great success.. I rested up for days before felt great the first part I was there, after sweating, moving around so much, being on my feet, I started to feel so light headed, went to the bathroom vomited, around 4 started to clean up and headed home and been in bed since :( I tried not to let anyone know I was not feeling well, except Brian and my mom who were a HUGE help setting up and taking down with me and the other host. Here are a few pics to preview..

Darren is a Cowboys fan and Lindsey is a Tech fan...

Once again, Tech's colors and kinda Cowboys colors along with the cookies and then on the football their last name (minus a N) and 14(the date of their wedding)

The cookies were a great success, thanks for the recommendation Cara

Directions to the game for out of towners and the drink tickets!

"Tailgating and Toasting"
Lindsey & Darren
Sept 26 2009
Lucky's Pub, Great idea Sarah

Lindsey and Darren with host, minus Megan

My beautiful "sister" and her soon to be Hubby!

I think the shower turned out great, as well as the other hosts and I think Lindsey really enjoyed it. She has a lot of great friends who came and Darren thanked me several times for doing this for them, so sweet!

On that note.. On to some homework.. Prob blog again later.. ha!

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Anonymous said...

It was an AMAZING party! I really think you should be a party planner. Hope you feel better. - LB


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