Friday, July 30, 2010

In Appreciation of my blog followers!!

*195th Post *
93 Followers (Which I have been meaning to blog about, thanks to all my new followers!!! I have had approx 30 new followers since I got the lovely Jenn @ Munchkin Land Designs do my new blog layout, seeing all these new followers makes me want to do more posts!)
So in honor of my 200th post and hopefully getting 100 followers soon..... I am going to be doing a give away soon! Details to come...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday #25

When I first started "Thankful Thursday" I said I was thankful for my girl friends, but I can't say it enough! Everyone says they have the best girl friends in the world, but I am willing to put up a fight on this one to see who wins, ha!

A few things that make me thankful for my girl friends this week:
* Their unconditional support through life and the curves that I get thrown with
*Their concern for my health as I still struggle with what's wrong with me
*Their ideas/help with the planning of our engagement party
*Cooking me dinner, drinking some wine, and having great laughs last night!
*Checking up on my blog often and questioning me as to where my Wed Wedding and Thankful Thursday posts are :)
*Returning my emails often and making me feel loved
*Running errands with me

Those are just a few to mention for the week, I'm sure more and more are to come!!

I know some of those things may seem like the littlest things and are silly to be so thankful for, but when you come from some of the friendships I have had in the past.. You learn to appreciate what you have now!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inspiration Board- How to make?

Can someone please tell me how to make the inspiration boards? I know you can make the fashion/clothing ones on but I want to make one with using my own pics. I saw some articles through Google that you just make it in your photo editing software or on photo shop but I do not have either of those. There has to be an easier way, I see people make them all the time!


Cricut Cartridge: Old West

I've been eying the Cricut Old West Cartridge for months/years now... When I buy new cartridge's I always just buy the standard/all around cartridges that are more practical. But now that were having a Western themed engagement party and Michael's Craft store has the cartridge's 50% off this week, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase.

It will defiantly get its use not only with our party, but also...
* I love anything and everything Western, hence our party theme and future home decor
*We often attended Texas Country concerts, and of course I take pics
*I can always use it for something to do with my rodeo committee, Ladies Go Texan

Now I just need to figure out how to make the die cuts that are 2 toned papers/colors like this one I found on ebay (yes people make things and list them on ebay)

Any Cricut users out there have any tips?

Off to google "how to" and maybe even play a little, my cricut is getting a little rusty anyways!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to? Need help ladies!

Alright ladies get your creative wheels a spinnin' I need some tips!

I am wanting to make these cute little hay stacks as part of the center piece for our Western themed Engagement party, here's what I'm thinking:

* I can buy the hay stacks at Hobby Lobby, or even in 6 packs online at various places

*I can print the hearts on tan card stock on my Cricut Expression and then maybe just write the J + B with brown fine marker

*Punch mini holes in the sides with some scrapbook tools I already have and then tie it around the hay stack with floral wire (thank Catherine)

So what do you think? Any better ideas? I like the burnt/rustic look if you have any idea how to do that, but I'm willing to not have that look and not pay 29.99 for this on ETSY

Thanks in advance ladies, many more DIY project ideas to come!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday #24

Thankful #24: This week I am especially thankful for my personal trainer Stephanie.. She is SO supportive and encouraging! I tried to quit going to her and basically she didn't let me, we had the heart to heart melt down on the phone for 30 mins one day and I was back at the gym with her the next morning. I have been getting sick every time I work out and have to excuse my self to the bathroom, she comes in there with me and supports me and gets me wet paper towels for my face. She knows what will keep me going, she mentions stuff about "walking down the isle" "wearing a strapless dress" or anything wedding related for that matter!

Of course I am Thankful for my life, my relationship with God, my family, my fiance, my friends and much more but this week I just need to thank Steph!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party Dress

We (Brian's mom and I) are in the process of planning our Western Themed Engagement Party that we are having in October

I'm on the hunt for a dress now since everywhere has their "summer/short" stuff on sale!

Here's what I need:
* Cute with my cowgirl boots
*not too short!
*something not too fitted since I have not lost any weight yet!
*and of course I am looking for something white

Here is what I have found that has my size in stock, I am just going to order a couple online and then do returns rather than going to a million stores


1. Lucky Brand, cute western?
2. Might be too fitted under the bust

3. CUTE but maybe too fancy for backyard western engagement party
4. This is a fav! Just don't know about strapless with my arm fat, ha

Banana Republic

5. I think this one is also a Fav! I love the back, just hope its not see through at all!



So which # ladies and what do you like or dislike?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Things I want to Purchase

This is my first time to participate in Top 2 Tuesday
A lot of blogs I follow do it every week and thought I'd jump on the band wagon, ha!
This weeks topic is fun, 2 things I want to purchase

Here are 2 things I've been eying, of course I pick the most pricey things....

I have been eying these Lucchese's at Cavenders for a while now!! I've always just wanted them but now I need them to change into for the reception at the wedding.. I am not necessarily dead set on this pair, just a pair of Lucchese's in general would be wonderful!

I have already blogged about this little lovely "under water" point and shoot camera! I don't know what I'm waiting on, I have my heart set on it just can't take the leap to purchase it.... I went to Wolf Camera last night and looked at 2 other brands versions of "under water" camera's and just can't have a change of heart on my love for Sony point and shoots!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Face Bronzer

Next up that I'm on the hunt for is a new bronzer!

I LoVe the one I use now....

Its the Two Faced brand which I purchase at Ulta!

I am happy with it, I just get bored with my make-up and like changing it up and trying new things!

A few things to keep in mind:
* I don't like glitter/shimmer in my bronzer
*Can't be too DARK or light for that matter, but you know some bronzers are just super dark!
*I only wear make up about once a week so its not that important to spend a lot of $$ so relatively fair price!
*I don't like it to be too thick and def not have a foundation of any sort

Some bronzers I have tried in the past: (at least the ones I can remember)

California Tan Bronzer, sold at Darque Tan or any Tanning Salon for that matter, used to purchase this when I worked there

Mac.. If I remember right I didn't like how thick it was

Physician's Formula, don't remember why I switched from this one to be honest

And that's all I can remember for now

So what do you use ladies? What are the pro's & con's?

Flat Iron Help

Per mom's request, we are on the hunt for a new flat iron/straightener

After purchasing Revlon, hot tools, and so on straighteners several years ago(possibly 7-9) we made the big purchase of a Chi

After purchasing 2 of these, broke 1 and gave my friend Bekah one..
We purchased the Chi Turbo

After a couple years of using the Chi Turbo, it got moved on to our weekend house (Bernard) because we were introduced to this beauty

The Paul Mitchell Flat Iron, by far the best I have ever used! We now have 2 of these and my mom is ready to move one to the river house and give the Chi (at the river house) the boot...

So the question is, what is the HIT Flat Iron now, I have not even looked at any Flat Iron's in years due to my love for the Paul Mitchell!

If I am not reccomended to a better flat iron, we will probably just purchase another Paul Mitchell, I still hands down think it works great but willing to see what else is newer and better!

SO fill me in ladies!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

8 Things

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...
1) Finishing school!

2) Aquapalooza at Lake Travis next weekend, Girls weekend at the river house the following weekend, H-Town Showdown Wakeboard Tournament, Brad Paisley H2O Tour.. OK I think you get the hint, I live for weekends!

3) Brian starting with a career company in August!

4) Watching the baby I nanny grow and develop over the next couple months!

5) Celebrating my brother's 30th Birthday and parents 35th anniversary in September!

6) Starting my teaching job

7) Moving in with Brian (after the wedding or possibly a couple months before, were gonna play it by ear)

8) And of course, last but NOT least.. The Big Wedding Day!!!

8 Things I did Yesterday...
1) Ate lunch with Brian and Pierce

2) Talked to a couple girlfriends on the phone via text & call

3) Ate at Outback with my parents and got my mom an Iphone!!! She went from a pink Motorola Razar to an iphone, she is SOOO lost, poor thing!

4) Went to Academy, bought Brian some Boat Oil and me some of the Western Themed Silly bands I've been wanting, kid at heart!

5) Got a cute key copied at The Home Depot!

6) Took a nap

7) Facebook stalked (not a good thing)

8) Picked up room

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1) Get motivated to hard core diet and exercise!

2) Do tricks on my wakeboard!

3) Volunteer more!

4) Get in routine of wearing my retainer again, I want my teeth perfect for the wedding, the ortho said it would take us 9 months to do the whole process, holy moly! Better get crackin'

5) Save the animals in the Gulf & stop the oil spill

6) Send my parents on a vacation ALONE!

7) Be more positive

8) Work for a non-profit organization and be a teacher at the same time!

8 Shows I Enjoy...I don't really watch tv, this may be hard!
1) Fuel TV

2) TLC (cake boss, little couple, kate +8, anything to do with weddings)

3) Dateline & 20/20

4) Deadliest Catch

5) Biggest Loser

6) Loosing it with Jillian

7) Lifetime Movies

8) Extreme Home Makeover

Now you are ALL tagged!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Help Save Radio

Please take about 20 seconds to sign this petition to help SAVE our Radio Stations! I enjoy supporting Am/Fm stations, they work hard and even better they are free! I don't have XM or Sirus in my car nor do I listen to my ipod in my car..

This petition is legit and I have personally heard radio stations asking for our support!

Thanks in advance!!

Thankful Thursday #23

Thankful Thursdays are back thanks to the support from Jenn @ Munchkin Land Designs!

So I went back to my Thankful Thursdays and think I left off on #22

here are the last few:
Thankful 18: My brother and his willingness to fight his problems everyday
Thankful 19: The Doctor's that are going to help me figure out what is wrong with me
Thankful 20: Ok I've said my best friends.. But I'm thankful for ALL my friends!!!
Thankful 21: Having family to spend the Holiday's with
Thankful 22: The faith God has lead me to

I was doing my Thankful Thursdays around last November, a lot of things have changed since then with my health, got engaged, made more friends, etc but I'm still Thankful for SO many things

Thankful #23: That hurricane Alex did not hit Houston, or even end up close by for that matter. We had our far share with Ike 2 hurricane seasons ago... Also thankful that not many people were hurt in Mexico and South Texas and not too bad of damage was done

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Date Change

Here is the email we sent out to our wedding party, family, and friends last week...

First of all we wanna say Thank You for all your excitement and support in us getting married! Each and everyone of you mean the world to us in your own special way!

After days of praying, crying, and lots of thinking we have decided to move our wedding date. This is not necessarily something I wanted to do but after several pro's & con's lists we have found this is best for us as we start our next journey in life together. Our main reason is due to the medical issues I was dealing with Feb, March, April, & May, I am all better now after the surgery I had in May! Due to all this I may be another semester behind in school (depending what the dean says about the online classes I was taking and a few assignments I wasn't able to complete) and also all the health bills that my parents have had to pay that were not expected expenses. Another major reason, if I end up a semester behind, I will not have a job when we get married and Brian will just be finishing school. As we get married and start our journey in life together our morals and responsibilities are to take on all our own bills and live on our own, this can't be done without an income and money saved... Get my drift?

We are working with Briscoe Manor right now, but our tentative date is September 17 2011, so only 4 months postponed :)

I appreciate & respect all your cares, thoughts, & concerns that you have shown! I am still upset and kinda mind boggled about this discussion. I hope everyone understands and supports our discussion.

P.S. Sorry I have not discussed this with anyone.. Wanted to be sure about the decision first


Jenn and Brian

So there you have it ladies, you got the full on personal version of our decision to move our wedding date

I could not ask for a better wedding party & family! I got some of the BEST email replies and phone calls, here's a few pieces from some emails..

"I know that God will do nothing but glorify you and Brian in this situation and make your marriage just that much stronger. You are setting a good example of faith, patience and perseverance. I respect you guys so much for making this decision."

You don't know howww comforting that email made me feel about the situation!

"Four months difference is not a lot and the month of September is a beautiful one! I know that the decision was not an easy one but 5 years from now you will look back and you will only remember the special day that the two of you became one."

I couldn't of said it better myself! My parents got married in September and they celebrate 35 years this year, has to be a great month :)

"We're so proud of you guys! All your hard work is going to pay off and you'll be much happier walking down the isle with all your ducks in a row!"

Do you know how many people told me the ducks in a row thing? I've never heard it until this email was sent out..

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for being so supportive and no fear blog friends, lots of wedding post to still come, just 4 additional months of them, ha!


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