Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping in Your closet.. Scarves!

I'm so excited to finally participate in one of Mer's "shopping in your closets" I don't have children therefore I have not been able to do the childrens clothes nor have I worn maternity clothes.
There's a slight problem though, I think I own ONE scarf and I don't even think I have that anymore.. So instead of showing you my FaV scarves, I'm going to show you the scarves I'd love to have this season. Danielle is going to help me complete this wish by shopping with me Wednesday @ Ya Ya Club and a few other boutiques that have great prices and great pieces!

I'm dying to find Kelsey's pink burberry scarf over at The Seattle Smith's

LOVE me some Roxy!

Ok now I might actually really be able to get this one, cheap @ Old Navy!

This one is also in my budget, only 15 bucks from Francesca's and comes in several colors!

I'd love to find a cute red and white scarf to wear to the UH football games this winter.... Let me know if you run across any!

Can't wait for Mer's next "Shopping in YOUR closet"


the tichenor family said...

Love all of your scarves-to-be! Ya Ya Club is one of my faves... thanks for all of your sweet comments!! Hope you're doing GREAT!

♥ sarahbeth. said...

that roxy one at the top is adorable! xoxo


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