Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo Game!

2 post in 2 day... Something's gone wrong, ha!
Here are the rules:

* open your first photo folder
* scroll down the 10th photo
* post that photo and story on your blog
* tag five friends to do the same

So I went to "My Pictures", the first folder (April 2007) and the 10th photo and here it is....

Wow, good times yet so long ago!
This is at Brad and Lindsey's Crawfish boil!
In the picture are 2 of my good girlfriends Heather and Lindsey and then one of Lindsey's best friends, Brooke! Good times with all these girls!
Look how short my hair is and how skinny I am! And I remember getting that dress from Nordstrom just for the party, haven't worn it since.. Hmm don't know that I know where it is either.. :(
This was an eventful night, we had Mark dive into the pool and break his elbow.. Brian and I had "talked" a little prior to this crawfish boil but were currently not "talking" and he showed up. I was so shy and tried to act all "hard". It was his 23rd Birthday this week and he had just gone shopping with his parents and worn a new outfit, he still has the shorts and I'll say sometimes those are the shorts you got that night you came to Brad's, ha!

So now I tag 5 friends and can't wait to see the pics!

1. Heather

2. Trisha

3. Danielle

4. Megan

5. Meredith

Not much to say.. Just eager to blog!

Hello fellow blogging friends! I don't have much to blog about but been on reading a lot of other blogs and was dying to blog!
What an exciting weekend I had, Friday during the day Brian and I spent the day in Galveston going to Schliterbahn. 2 summer's ago when Brian and I first started dating he had a season pass so needless to say we went ALL the time. I'm talking like the first month we started dating! We went about 4 times, I remember we would float the lazy river thing and just hold each others float and talk. I was so nervous and giddy! Ok enough sappy talk! The reason Brian's dad got him a season pass is for the boogie bahn they have there. As most of you know Brian is great at any extreme sport he tries...
here's a video of Brian's first time doing the bahn after 2 years... Listen close for the ooohhh's and ahhhh's :)

Our cruise we have planned for the first week of Janurary 2010 has 2 of these bahn's on the ship.... Brian plans on spending most of his time there!

Friday night I had some last minute family come in town from Dallas/Ft Worth area. Saturday some of my girl cousins and I spent the day decorating and setting up for my Uncle's 50th Surpise Birthday Party, which was lots of fun! I had planned on going to a wedding that night but was not able to make it since I had family staying at my house, I feel really bad and hope the Bride's day was everything she ever imagined.

Saturday night we met some friends at Kona Grill for some sushi followed by a night of bowling till 2 am!

What a FUN weekend this is going to be, its the 4th which always entitles Sun, Friends, Fun, & Water! We are really looking forward to the weekend!

Lots of pictures to come!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Officialy worst blogger... May~June Catch Up!

It has been 1 month, 2 weeks, and 2 days since I last blogged. Unacceptable my bloggin' friends!
Let's refer back to my last post, I talked about weekends I was looking forward to. When I was typing all those, they seemed so far away and now they have all come and gone!
Here's the weekends I mentioned:
May 15th Weekend: Bekah and Megan's Graduations

Also that day was my KDP initiation

That next morning my family and I headed to Dallas for my cousin Terry's beautiful wedding

The "Hlavaty" Family. My mom's sister, brother, nieces, nephews

The Hlavaty girls, the Teague girls, and me! ha

The next weekend was one of my best friends wedding. Mrs. Megan Lenz
I have way too many amazing pics from this weekend to post even a handfull. I took over 500 pics but I'll post one of my FAVS!

The next weekend I had listed on my last blog was our long awaited "Blumrick's 1st Annual Crawfish boil" and man was it a success. Everyone had such a great time! So many pictures and memories to remember!
Were already looking forward to the 2nd annual!

One of my FAVORITE parts of the weekend, the Jones Family came!!!!!!!

I'm too proud not to share our strawberry lemonade and peach tea :)

I owe these 2 men the biggest THANK YOU in the world! The cooks, my uncle Doug and my silly Daddy


So what's going on in my life outside of pictures...
I started with a personal trainer 4 times a week a couple weeks ago, have already noticed a difference and looking forward to a huge success!
I am taking summer school for the first time in my college career. I loaded my self up with 4 classes (what was I thinking)
I am helping plan my Uncle's 50th Birthday party, which is going to be so much fun. I guess you have to know my Uncle to find this funny, but I found a June 1959 Playboy online for one of his gifts! He's gonna LOVE it, ha!

I guess that is it for now! I am off to see Danielle and Chris's new home in Katy and help unpack and spend some quality girl time for the day!

I promise you guys will hear from me again this week! I have more I wanna blog but too much for one post!

So until this week one day ;) Have a blessed weekend!


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