Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DIY.. Or should I say DI (boyfriend) or (dad)

Does this desk look familiar to anyone?
When I was younger my FAVORITE thing to do was play "teacher," my Maw-Maw bought me a desk very similar to this one...

Lately I have been wanting to get one for my future classroom or daughter...
I started looking on ebay saw them ranging from $75-$200 PLUS shipping.. No way I was paying that much.

Found one on Craigslist from a woman in Woodlands for 30 bucks!

Now just need a Male to sand it, re paint, and re finish it...

Any thoughts or ideas of things I can do with the desk?

I saw one that was painted red and black... But I think I want to keep the original brown stain look


Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

ok we can totally do that! just bring it over when j and i start our projects!! we are buying a sander!

Anonymous said...

actually you were the student and i was the teacher! haha! - LB


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