Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book for Mom.... Help!

So my mom is not big on reading.. Over the past 2 years she has read 2 books, she gets really into reading for like 3 days and then doesn't touch the book again for like a month..

These were her 2 readings:

I want to get her a new book to read for when she is at the river and were (Brian and I) not there and since my dad stays outside and works all day...

From what I gather: She likes inspirational books and books that are based on true stories also she has to be kept on edge and interested!

Any thoughts on books for my mom?

America's Largest Flag

"Unfortunately, the biggest flag in God's creation won't be an actual flag. It will be a painting of one. On the other hand, it won't be some wimpy 2-D representation of the Stars & Stripes, it'll be a really cool artistic, not-quite-3-D-despite-the-claim rendering of a fluttering flag."
Quote from the Houston Press

Artist Scott LoBaido is well known for painting American Flags all over America, have you ever seen one? Well of course Houston is getting the biggest one, remember everything's bigger in Texas!

Scott started the painting on June 14th (flag day) and his goal to finish is this weekend, July 4th! He is painting on top of a building near Hobby Airport, unfortunately (for me) you can only see from an airplane.. My father only flies Continental which only fly's out of Houston's other airport (IAH)

Go check out his work: Scott LoBaido

Also you can watch a live video of him and his crew painting: Live Video

Great way to kick of the Fourth of July Weekend!

God Bless America!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Blog Design!

Check it out! Lovely Jenn over at Munchkin land designs has completed my blog design, after a couple weeks of emails back and forth this is what we came up with! What do you think? I'm very pleased, she is so understanding and just all around great! I'm still reviewing to see if there is anything I need her to edit before its "final" let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas!

Sorry for the short post, were headed here:

For Brian to compete in the wakeboard tournament! GO BD, so proud of my fiance'!

And to stay with these newlyweds:

My cousin Kristi and her new hubby Aaron!

Were so excited to spend the weekend with them and get to know Aaron better!

Off to Beaumont! Be watching for my post next week about our weekend

P.S. Please say a prayer Brian rides good, he hasn't rode much this summer so far, so he is kinda rusty!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Story of my life lately:

Rather it be for not working out, not going out with friends, not starting to diet, or simply sleeping in or not returning an e-mail right then!

My excuses: I'm too tired, I'll start next week, I didn't have a good day... etc etc etc

That's it, I'm tired of it!!!

Please watch this video all the way through, It's only 1:02 of your day!

Wedding Wednesday: Cufflinks

As mentioned before I am marrying a die hard Fisherman, I didn't really plan on getting him any cuff links till I ran across some of these on Etsy the other day!

And here's the ones I'm wanting to order, I'm not a fan of Gold but they are TOO cool, I don't mind the gold!

Another Wedding Wednesday Post to come later today.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Finds

How fun but dangerous is this? You hook it up to your computer and swipe away!! I have often thought about this idea as I am typing my cc # into the computer, one its so dangerous to type your info in and two takes time to type in all the info.. How easy would it be to swipe like your at the actual store? ha!
As seen on the Today Show this morning
Love the new OPI summer line! Make sure to read the names of the polishes

Found this on Etsy! I've seen things like it before but never to hang on the edge of a frame, loving it! Can't remember the seller though... sorry!

The fiance' showed me a % battery life thing on the Iphone.. It shows the % of your battery life right next to your battery in the top right corner! I can't find an image to show you but if you have an Iphone you must change your settings to have it on there, its heaven for the iphone, ha!

Thanks for all the advice/comments on the Makeup Brush Roll, I think am going with #3
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Almost hump day, whoa!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Make Up Brush Roll

I currently have a black Studio Gear Make up brush roll.. Getting worn out and not very fun, ready for a new one :)

I was hoping to find one to match my travel make up bag
Or my travel hang bag thing..

(this is not the pattern I have but couldn't get it to save in the pattern I have)

But neither Jon Hart or Vera Bradley make a Make Up Brush Roll yet

So I went on over to the oh so loving site Etsy, here's what I found:

1. 2.

Here's where you come into play... 1 2 or 3 ladies? They are from differnt Etsy shop sellers but all around the same price!


If your not already following Laura, you must should! She is a newlywed and just started a new blog: Happy Hour with a Housewife
She is still in the process of posting wedding pics and is ALREADY doing a giveaway!
I'm hoping to win, I'd love one of the precious parasols for the wedding next year!

And to make it even better, another newlywed I have been following through out her planning process is the one who makes the Paraols and she just announced her fun wedding store on etsy, check out her blog and check out her new shop!

Vote VOTE vote, please!

Kelle over at Enjoying the Small Things is everything I want to be in a mom. She is amazing, she loves both her precious little girls with all her heart. Her love for her husband is out of this world and she cares for his 2 boys like their her own! She brings me so much inspiration and I often tear up while reading her blog

Kelle and her girlfriend did a little home made video to run for Oprah's Search for the next TV star. Kelle's idea for her reasoning on deserving this TV show is SO perfect for her so please go VOTE

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Blogs you Should/Must follow

The Crump Bump

What a cute name for the Crump family??
Their precious little boy Carter was born last week to Alan and Meredith, he is a true little blessing!
Alan is one of mine and Brian's good friends, Chris (Morty) step-brother (does that make sense)

My Blue Eyed Babies

Kathryn just had her 2nd little girl! Vivian and Olivia are 2 of the most precious little girls, they are healthy and happy! Kathryn is also an elementary teacher and I went to high school with her hubby but the way we really know each other is through her step sister Lindsey, who is one of my best friends and also a Bridesmaid in my wedding!

Feel free to leave them comments, their new to blogging and need the LoVe!!!

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes #3/final for now..

just had to show the packaging, it was silky and just so nice.. Felt so elegant!

So there it is ladies, what my shoes will look like with my girls!

Thanks Heather and Bekah for allowing me to open your boxes for pics :)

They are just SO pretty, I didn't even want to touch them, as you can see I left them in the packaging.. I was so gentle with them like they were glass or fine china, ha!

Kuddos to Zappos, great customer service, fast shipping, A++!!!

That should be in on shoe post for a while now, if you need to catch up, refer back to the past 2 Wed's blogs!

Fun Finds/Thing I want:

How fun are these? How cute are flowers in your hair in the summer? Well this little gadget allows you to pick a pretty summer flower and put it in your hair without it welting in like 20 mins (especially if you live in Texas and stand outside for 5 + mins)
I don't know that I'll order one, just thought it was a fun little idea!

The hair piece looks big here, not sure the actual size and how much it would show in your hair?!

This place fixes jeans...

They fix much more than just what this image above shows, but this is my most common problem...

Key question here thought: Is it worth it? especially when you can go to Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack and even Marshalls and buy "last seasons" designer jeans?

Its a cool idea though!

I think its that time.. That time being purchasing a new digital camera!

I am on my 4th digital camera:

1st Sony purchased in 2003: lasted about 2 years..big & bulky!

2nd Sony: Just wanted to upgrade, lasted about a year...tiny screen, not many features

3rd Sony: previous camera was submerged in water, so 4th purchased

4th Sony: purchased December 2006... I waited in line for this camera, I was eyeing it for months.. It was the first touch screen that anyone made and the screen was the first HUGE screen.. It was my Christmas present, cost $600 I think...

The camera still works great, it is VERY beat up, but works, that's what matters.. But I always have it around water and people always freak out but I feel I've had it long enough, and deff got my money worth and I'm ok if it gets wet and breaks, hehe...

Sooo I'm debating if I wanna get one of the new "waterproof" cameras... They look so fun, underwater pics?!?! How fun!!! Then I won't have to worry when I take it on the boat, by the pool, to the beach etc...
The technology has advanced SO much, my camera now takes great pics, I always get compliments on my pics but I'm sure there are newer things to make them look even better..

P.S. Can't ever go wrong with Sony! Only brand I ever buy!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrated 3 years: Beach Style

Well ladies it wouldn't be an understatement to say this past weekends was one of the best weekends in a really really LONG time!!

I laughed till I cried and I cried till I laughed all in the same weekend!

Friday: Brian didn't get off till after 5:30 so we got a late start, debated if we wanted to eat by the house and head out or wait.. We really wanted to see the sun set and just be by the water so we headed on down to Galveston and went straight to:
Well known for their amazing Hamburgers! Of course Brian got a huge plate of fried sea-food!

Us leaving The Spot

back track a minute:
on the way down Brian really wanted a fountain coke (if you know him, you know his situation, ha) so trucking down beltway 8 there is really no fast food.. So I did some thinking and remembered there was a Buc-ees off 521, right before 288, once again if you know him, you know Buc-ees is his FAV!!! So I hurried and exited to suprise him and go to Buc-Ees by Pearland.. We pulled up and I told him I had seen a new Buc-ees shirt I had been wanting.. So I trucked on in, he got his drink and I got my shirt oh and we got the new Flavor Reds Starbursts that Crystal and Brian had been telling me about.. And we were back on the road!

Every time we head down 45 we talk about this sign....
DeLany (with a cap L) is my future last name, now that's some skills.. driving and getting this pic :)

Friday after the spot: Were driving down the sea-wall headed to the high rise and stopped at a light in front of us a Maroon Durango SLAMS into the back of a stopped car, full of people including kids.. the guys quickly runs the light and takes a left on the side street.. Brian being the road rage person he is and just being caring I guess, speeds off to follow this guy, along with another truck (luckily the other truck went first then us) so we follow this guy through about 7 turns, call 911 and head back to the scene.. The guy who drove off was flying down these back roads, his radiator was hanging out the front and he was leaking fluid everywhere, he wasn't gonna make it long.. So we head back to the scene and give the police the info and the lady who got hit was so thankful for us, she was so sweet.. We decided we didn't need to get too involved so we gave what we knew and left... Talk about adrenaline racing!!!
Luckily everyone in the front car was ok :)

So we finally arrived at the high rise

Tad bit windy 25 floors up!

Brian in his new knarly surf shirt I got him, trying to keep his eyes open with the bright flash! haha!

Let the relaxation begin!

We love showing each other YouTube videos we've seen, ha! We did this for like an hour, no joke!

Night view!

Saturday Morning View:

After getting ready, no need to do the hair, too windy and humid!

Downstairs in the high rise, headed out for breakfast

Millers Landing for Breakfast, Erin over at Little Diva Diaries was NOT joking when she told me to go there for the BEST French Toast!

After breakfast we headed to the Strand for some shopping

I love the buildings down there!

My FAVORITE Surf Store, Jammin' The gold Plaque is the water line of Ike in the store

After like 5 years of wanting a pair of the original Reefs, I finally found a pair I liked! I did not want the plain black, brown, or baby pink ones they've always had!

I also purchased a Tervis Tumbler Mug and Cup for my mom and Brian's dad for Fathers Day, 2 magnets about marriage, and another Endless Summer Shirt, I think I have enough Endless Summer stuff...

This post is getting long so I'm just gonna run through the rest of the weekend...

Went to East Beach to see if the Sand Castles were still up from last weekend, they said they normally wash away within 2 days, that's a lot of work for that short time, ha!

Pizza on the Seawall

I went Poolside and let Brian go wade fish for 3 hours... Yes I'm the best Fiance in the world, haha!
Wedding mag, water, and ipod player = one content girl!

My view while laying out, love the Infinity pool

Thanks again Erin for the great recommendation, by far the best Guac I've ever had! Brian said " no matter what I'm coming to eat here every time I come to Galveston"

We ♥ Mexican Food!

Late night pool, well late night for us is like 10-11, ha!

After pool snack

and comedy central, good times!

Sunday morning Brian headed to Sea Wolf park to wade fish while I slept in and then cleaned up the condo, not that we made a mess just washed sheets and towels and whipped things down.. I asked Brian to be back around 10:30 for breakfast and this is what he came back to!

Before eating, after crying my eyes out...

3 yr..7 7 7 (when we started dating, our lucky # :))
If you know me, I don't cook.. so this took a lot of effort, haha!

Headed to the beach after breakfast, it was neat having our own little private area on the beach where only the high rise residents were..

He skim boarded

I attempted to skim board..

We played with the disc thing again

We attempted to build sand castles........

we headed back up to the condo, finished cleaning, showered, packed up and headed to the Strand for lunch and some more walking around

A couple funny stories:

* Brian loves going to Pet stores, so we googled it on Saturday after the strand and tried heading to a few... First one was no where in site, closed down so headed to the second one we found on Google called Pet Heaven, sounds cute right? Not so much! Pull up, its a groomer who berries pets, we laughed SO hard but felt so bad at the same time, haha!!

*Sunday while attempting to build our sand castle, I'm just bee bopping a long going from wet sand to dry sand to etc.. bending down over and over, well guess I stretched out the clasp on my bathing suit top too much next thing I know, I bend down to get more sand and my top falls to the beach, I screamed and covered myself, Brian freaked, he thought I was hurt and he said put your top back on, I said how, I'll have to uncover myself, his hands were buried in the sand, he rushed over and helped me put my top back on, luckily there wasn't many people right around us but I'm sure people looked down from a ways down when I screamed, oops, oh well! haha! I'm not a good story teller, this was hilarious in person!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats :) I look forward to many many many more years with my loving fiance!


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