Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Wed: Hoe Down Rehersal Dinner

Since my Dad "won't allow" me to have a Country themed wedding (he says the place is too ellagent and he's paying too much to make it look cheap)... So why not do all my plans/envisions/dreams into our rehearsal dinner. My dear Boss also long life friend sent me a link the other day with some pics that gave me more ideas..

I want to have an actual "Hoe Down" with a guy playing the banjo, stacks of hay, sunflowers, bandannas, bbq, dancing, def cowgirl boots, maybe big skirts, and possibly games like bob for apples.. (I know I'm a dork, thanks)

(ignore the flowers and linens on these tables) I like the signs!

Here is where I would like to (plan) on having this shindig

George Ranch

And here are some pics from their website
Here is the campfire where we could put the hay and sing and dance!

here are some things they show you can rent for entertainment:

HOPEFULLY the future in laws will like these ideas ;)

Oops I just remembered I was supposed to do my socks post today....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank You Mr. FedEX and Mr. UPS for your hard work!

After spending the weekend doing a little of this:

and this:

and hanging this:

I came home to THIS:
Which included these:

opening of camera strap: Thanks for the recommendation Catherine!

beautiful packaging

the oh so cute Tangerine Strap!

Our family's 1st annual Crawfish photo book: Thanks Lindsey's for the coupon code that lead me to make a book!

beautifully packaged Save the Dates from

close up our Save the Dates, with my last name spelled wrong...

And I leave you with these:

Rachael's Beautiful wedding last weekend! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cherry

Brian had no idea the color of the wedding and he matched my dress :) That's soulmates right there, ha!
gotta support the groom's hobbies :)

The fiance wanted a pic with the Bride :)

And then my memory stick was full....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

I want to start back up on my Wedding Wednesdays!

I don't have a particular topic/item to blog about today so I'm just gonna share some things I've seen lately and thought of

Our Rehearsal Dinner will be Western themed, I plan on doing this but with purple bandannas!

How cute is this robe?!?! But I'd maybe just get Mrs. DeLany with the rings so you can get more wear out of it!

How cute would the Groomsmen look in these?!?! HA JK! I would never do that to them but I will do it to my 2 little Ring Beares, so how cute would that be?

Be looking for next weeks Wedding Wednesday: Socks edition!

Asking for Prayers

I need a few Prayers thrown my way

*Without getting to personal on my blog, I've been sick the past 4 months/real bad 1 month and were trying to get to the bottom of it, I have been to my GP, Gyno, ENT, and a GI I am getting an endoscopy tomorrow morning, I go in at 7 and the procedure will be at 9:30 as much as we do not want something to be wrong with me we are hoping the doctor sees something with the camera in my stomach, we will not know results tomorrow but if she sees something then we'll have an idea of whats going on. We go back next Thursday for the results! The doctor mentioned Chrone's Disease or Cyliac Disease, the fam and I are hoping more like ulcers.

I have some friends who have been SO supportive and concerned and I just can't thank them enough, I LOVE my friends!!

* A tragic event happened to one of our friends moms this past week and we REALLY need some prayers for him. Matt's mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver early Saturday morning, read below:

Charges likely in fatal wreck

Monday, April 19, 2010 3:00 PM CDT
A Richmond woman died as a result of a three-car wreck Saturday morning in the Sugar Land area, and charges will be filed on one of the drivers, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Trooper Chad Olive said intoxication manslaughter charges will be filed against Kevin Ned, 35, of Katy, who he said collided with the car of Deborah Dean Gonzales, 59, of Richmond. She died at Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center as a result of injuries she suffered in the crash at U.S. 90A and Texas 99.

The wreck happened at 7:40 a.m., said a dispatcher for the DPS office in Pierce. Olive said he also plans to file a charge of disregarding a red light on Ned, who also had a warrant on a charge of public intoxication from the Bellaire Police Department.

The dispatcher said a 2005 Toyota sport utility vehicle driven by Ned disregarded a red light and collided, in the intersection, with Gonzales on the driver’s side of her 2006 Hyundai vehicle, which in turn collided with a 1999 Inifinti driven by Venessa Ann Rivera, 22, of Richmond.

Ned was driving south on 99 when he collided with Gonzales, who was going east on 90, Olive said. Rivera also was traveling east on 90.

Ned and Rivera were not injured, the dispatcher said.

That is the article in the paper in regards to the accident.

The service is tomorrow and due to my procedure I don't think I'll be able to go since they are putting my under but I'm HOPING to make it at 3 tomorrow to be there to support Matt who needs his friends more than anything right now

So all I ask if for 1 minute of your time today/tonight while you pray for my needs

Thank You!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As mentioned in my previous post I am going to start buying little things here and there for the wedding next May, trying not to give my father a heart attack in the last couple months leading up to the big day, ha!

So I'm starting to order things that I know I want and don't depend on my dress, fonts, etc.

Here is my first purchase:

Kristi did exactly what I asked for... She had a hot pink one like the one above and I told her I liked the Camo and the little fish charm but wanted a pretty bright purple and wha la!
I couldn't get a good pic close up

Great service, great quality.. Def go check out her site

Garters By Kristi

Monday, April 12, 2010


If you read my previous post, I already said.. I'm just starting to look into ordering little things here and there, one of them now being my garter.. No I don't know the exact color of my dress, but I know I want white! And with the garter I'm leaning towards the color of my dress doesn't really matter..

So at first I wanted a pretty silk garter with my initials on it.. I then decided the garter is kinda "the grooms thing" so why not theme it towards him, and what better to use than a fish!

So this is what I'm thinking of ordering
It would be camo just like this, but with purple lace and feathers and then a little fish charm in the center!

I've been talking with Kristi at Garters By Kristi and this is what we have come up with!

What do you think?

I like it cause it will be with our theme and fun but yet cute and not some tacky camo!

Wedding Day Hanger

So I found this hanger on Etsy monthsss ago, way before I was even engaged. But now I am ready to order one for my own wedding, yes I still have over a year, but I figured I could start ordering little stuff like that that I know exactly what I want and it won't go bad or anything.. Trying to spread out the budget over months rather than purchasing all at the end....

So here's where you come in :) What do I put?

*Mrs. DeLany (heart at end) *Jenn (heart) Brian *may 21, 2011 (heart on end) *DeLany (space) Big (space) Day... idk?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Day Without Shoes Is Today

Read up on it: HERE

How blessed we are to have shoes, psshh not just shoes but multiple comfy pairs of shoes!

Everytime a Pair of TOMS are sold, they donate a pair of TOMS to kids in need in our poverty country..

So PlEASE go out and buy a pair, they are superrr comfy, real cute, and have a lot of new designs!

They are not the cheapest shoes but look at it this way, your paying for 2 pairs of shoes :) So in that case its a DEAL!!

I am purchasing a pair tomorrow.. I'm thinking THESE

The Past Week

First of all Thanks for the votes on the camera strap, I will be ordering the Tangerine one this weekend!

Here are a few pics from the past week..

My best friend came and saw me last week when I was oh so sick, she brought me these beautiful flowers, which are still kickin' it today and a Bride magazine, what better could I ask for ?

Monday I received this little package...

And this is what was inside.... My mom got this sign made for me when we went shopping at the Rodeo shops on my B-Day, the people who made it are from Lubbock and couldn't make it till they got back home after the show, so now it has arrived!!!! I asked them to make it kinda Western looking to match our future place :) I LOVE it!

Monday night the bestie and I went to the Astros Opening Game! We lost, but it was fun for us!!!

Love these 2! We made plans a week in advance to go to dinner.. We did a little shopping and then headed over to Chuy's for some yummy Mexican food!

When we all first met up in the store... This is what we discovered! LOVE us some White Watches!

Yesterday my mom and I went to see Frank, Auntie Cousin Joy's husband.. Before she passed away, one day when we were shopping she bought this stepping stone and told us to give it to him after she passed away.. So we finally made it to his new house yesterday to give it to him, we all cried a little and laughed a little, it was nice

Now to end the week:

Today: Doctor's appt. Please pray for me to find the strength to do what I need to do and that all goes well with the Doctor and her advice

Tomorrow: Watching baby Allie and SLUMBER Party @ Megan's, were making cupcakes!

Saturday: Danielle and Chris's 1st Crawfish Boil, umm I can taste it now.. Then after we are headed to Jeff and Amy's Couple's Shower who are getting married in Mexico in June

Sunday: Were gonna head to the river house to put the boat back in the water and MAYBE just maybe ride (wakeboard) I normally don't get back in the water till closer to May or even maybe Mid May but I'm etching to get back out on the water, so we will see!

I hope everyone has had a Blessed week and has a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading


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