Friday, February 19, 2010

Check Check Check

This post might bore some of you but I just wanted to make myself a little list as to what I have got done lately to help ease my mind!

*Contract in hand just waiting on signature and check to send to the photographer

*Went to another florist appointment to compare.. Think were gonna go with our original company, once you add up and the delivery fees and set up fees it comes out to be the same amount ANDD if you live in Houston you KNOW Darryl & Co is the place to go, your guaranteed beautiful decor at your wedding!

they will be doing my:
pin spot lighting
wagon for the flower girl
maybe part of my candy buffet, need to talk to Catherine about that one... note to self!

* Went to 2 cake appointments... First 1 the cake was DEF better, cheaper, heard great things, my MOH and one of my bm's used this place, just need to go back and meet with the owner so I feel more comfortable that they can do what I want, I know the shop can but just didn't feel comfortable writing a check with the assistant. I have pics and know exactly what I want but want the owner's thoughts...
Second cake tasting is WELL known in Houston, great cakes!!! Did not taste as good as the other 2 we've been to, the design she drew up was amazing and I know would look exactly how I want it, but more $$$.. She helped me change a few things we had designed at the 1st place to make the cake EXACTLY what I want...But of course she wouldn't give it to me, ha!

So here's where you come in. What should I do?

*Found a dream dress, but not in budget.. So I'll just take pics when the time comes and find something like it!

*Got my binder from Catherine and all wedding stuff is officially organized!!

* Set appointment with the Venue to sign and book the first week of March!!!

Non wedding related:
*Cleaned both rooms (yes I have 2)
*got new bed for front room
*got caught up on school work, wedding planning kinda put me behind
*Loosing some lbs!
*Got all my new bible study stuff, yes that's exciting for me.. I've been waiting on the CD!

That's it for now!

Gonna get back in bed, supposed to be going to dinner for my MOH aka Buffer's Hubby's Bday but starting to feel sick... Was really looking forward to it :(
But need to be better for Baileys shower tomorrow since I won't be making it to her wedding, I def wanna make it to the shower!


I have officially finished (for now) our website! Everyone kept telling me they wanted to see it but I had to wait till I asked all of the bridal party before I wanted to post the link.. So go check it out!

I will be updating it through out our engagement!

Valentiens Day

We spent our 3rd Valentines Day together! It was just what I wanted/asked for.. We started the day off at Church

Brian and I FINALLY made it to Church and I asked my flower girls parents if Andi Jane could be my flower girl.. As you can tell her mom was so honored!

We asked our Pastor, Marty if he would marry us.. He jokingly said if he was still alive, since its not till next May 2011..

We went over to the Children's building so I could ask Andi herself.. She told me no at first, until her mom explained to her what her job duty was, too cute!

After Church we headed to Crackerbarrel for brunch where we played Checkers outside while waiting for 35 mins..

We didn't finish our game... Some little boys walked up and were really excited when they saw the game so we got up and let them play

Any my beautiful flowers! Brian knows I'm not big on flowers but every once in a while esp V-Day its necessary! He got me 6 tiger striped pink roses! There still sitting in front of me as I type this post!

It was a great first valentine's Day as an engaged couple! We'll have 1 more next year then we'll be a married couple!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer/Bell Ringer

So I need some help and who better to come to then some of my lovely wedding blogger friends!

Ok, I have 2 flower girls age 5 and 1.5 next May.. I have 2 Ring Bearers 5 and 4 next May.. And I also have an usher who I babysit who will be 11 next May!

Here's my dilemma...

I want the boys to walk with old wooden fishing poles rather than pillows... (the future Hubby is a die hard fisherman, I am trying to tie our hobbies and interests in as much as I can without making it tacky or trashy)
Here is what I have found so far to play with... I will paint these more of a wood color

Yes these are OLD cang poles and yes Academy still sells them for $2 bucks!

Now... I want the poles to have bells on them in place of rings or I was thinking of putting a HUGE ring on the poles as like a joke.. But I really want "bell ringers"

So I bought a pack of bells, not the largest ones at Hobby Lobby but the ones right under that, ha!
I also have the flower girl basket and I def want rose petals down the isle

to be painted silver....

And THEN I have Allison, the 1.5 year old who may not be able to walk down the isle properly so was thinking of putting her in a wagon...

I took the pic out of a magazine, so you can't tell.. But its a wagon painted purple with cute pillows inside and flowers/greenery around the wagon..

So here's the problem... I have 2 options!

The 5 year old could pull the wagon to the front and the 2 of them stay up there... Well Allison's mom will get her out of the wagon,ha!

Then the 4 year old boy could walk down with the fishing pole with the bell attached but I think it would be precious to have them walk together

and then the flower girl would go down last and put down the petals..


I can have the 11 year old pull the wagon down the isle with Allison in it.. Followed by the 2 boys with the poles/bells and then have the 5 year old flower girl walk down then ME!

So what do you think? Would the 11 year old be embarrassed and feel like he is one of the "little ones" if I have him walk down the isle like that?

Any other thoughts or ideas of how I can pull this off?

Life outside of Wedding lately!

Megan and I @ Colliana's gotta love some Italian food and byob (wine) on a Friday night! And no we did not plan on wearing the SAME scarf, a gray cardigan with a shirt under and jeans... Were just the best buffer's ever and it happened!

Megan giving Brian "double high fives" for making the deans list last semester! I'm so proud!!!

So 2 1/2 weeks ago Megan asked if I had plans this past Friday.. Since I didn't she made some for me! I was not told what we were doing, where we were going.. I asked what to wear, what to bring, and where to meet her and that's all I knew until we pulled up to the building!
So my mom and I met Megan's mom and rode together to meet Megan in town then headed on over to the surprise together!
Megan knows my love for Boots and Western Wear! So she took me so a "re-sale" shop of wall TO wall cowboy boots! Unfortunately its a hit or miss place and they didn't not have anything for us to buy that day but we WILL be going back!
After leaving there we headed to the Montrose area and shopped then went and had dinner at Chuys! All and all a great Friday night!

Our mom's in the back seat.. Obviously her mom is on the left (they look like sisters)

Ellen showing us "how to pose cute" for a pic! Megan wasn't thrilled..ha!

Saturday night a couple lovely family friends hosted Rachael & Sean's first shower!

The Happy Couple opening presents!

Not much planned for this weekend, but sure I'll find something to take pics of!

Letters on the bar!

I'm ALL about personalizing EVERYTHING I can for our wedding!

I want to put our first initial's hanging from the bar...
I'm thinking a J on the left half, the & in the center over the stone and a B on the right half... I want them BIG, I found a guy online who can make them 20" but he doesn't have the colors I want.. SO I'm gonna get them unpainted and spray paint them!

The J&B will be in purple with dark gray ribbon and the & will be in gray with purple ribbon!

Any thoughts or extra tips?

Full of Info..

I've missed blogging and now that 4 of my girlfriends have said something this week about me not blogging in a long time... Guess it's time to get back on it!
I have SO much to talk about, trying to sort ought all my thoughts as to what I want to include in this post...

I'm just gonna sum up everything I've done wedding related!

2 weekends ago, 1 of my MOH's and one of my BM's (also Bride to be) started our Saturday morning off bright and early with breakfast at Starbucks then headed to a bridal show, small show but got some cute ideas.. this is Rachael and I singing up, they were making fun of me for wanting a pic,ha!

After the Bridal show we headed over to the nice Woodlands mall and did some browsing.. Headed back to our side of town and dropped Rachael off so she could get ready for a wedding she had that afternoon..
Megan and I continued our journey and ventured to the Galleria where we spotted some nice purple ties on sale @ Macy's... Long story short after an hour in Macy's going to another mall that night to hit up that Macy's and another mall the next morning, I officially have the grooms, groomsmen, ushers, and dads ties all purchased!!! I would take a pic but there nicely hanging in my dads closet on his tie rack.. But there great, perfect!
So I have Megan to Thank for assisting me with that task!

Also found that day my MOH and BM's earnings at Francesca's.. After going to 3 Francesca's I have 7 pairs! Pics of those to come AFTER wedding.. Even though Megan and Rachael have already seen them, grrr!

What's next.. Mom and I have been non stop these past couple weeks, with me being majorly OCD and not gonna have time the next couple months, I am knocking out a lot of tasks now..
next stop.. Last Monday my parents and I went to our first cake tasting

After the cake tasting and lunch Mom and I headed to Darryl & Co. where I tentatively booked my flowers, linens, lights, and other decor including table centerpieces.

Remember my post a couple weeks ago about the Flower Girl basket's I thought I had found.... Well while shopping @ Michael's Craftstore with Megan and my mom, I found the PERFECT bucket... It will be spray painted silver/chrome!

Also that day we purchased 4 diff shades of Purple and brought them home and narrowed it down to this purple and this gray.. I didn't have a purple to base anything off of so we decided getting ribbon and basing everything I did in purple off of that (well at least close in color...)

Much more to come in the next couple days... Stay Tuned!!!


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