Monday, January 24, 2011

Face Powder Help/Suggestions?

First things first.. Thanks to all those who noticed my post after post after post the past few days... That's what staying in on a Friday night and experiencing the "grown up" world can do for ya :) (After reading and catching up with a bunch of blogs, I was in the mood to blog.. So I went to my drafts and my list of blog ideas and I started typing away, I set the post dates for the following days)
With a busy busy semester ahead of me, I am trying not to really make any "plans" for BD and I on weekends, minus the "can't miss activities." If you know me, you know this is very uncommon.. For years I have had something of some sort planned for BD and I to do pretty much every weekend rather it simply be dinner or going out with friends or as extreme as going out of town..
Since I know I will be more exhausted come the weekends this semester, I'm ready to kinda 'grow up' and have more nights in relaxing... I know my big sis is probably saying see I told you or Thank God your realizing now, ha! But she has no room to talk as she has always been Ms. social bug!

Now that I went off on my random tangent, on to the reason for this post...

I need some of you wonderful ladies advice/help...

I'm not happy with my powder I'm currently using... As mentined in my post a few days ago about concelear, I strongly dislike buying new make-up!!

I'm one that always wants to try new things and I jump around.. Rather it be toothpaste, body wash, make-up, or even cloths...
I love trying new things and rarely 'finish' a bottle of anything in my bathroom.. I'm learning this is not smart for more than one reason!
1. Too expensive
2. Never know if your going to like it better than the last
3. Makes my bathroom look cluttered
and the list goes on...

You know the saying, if it's not broke.. Don't fix it! I need to learn to live by that, If I like the way something is..then simply stick with it and use it!

So with that being said!

In middle school/high school when I started wearing make-up I began wearing Cover Girl and would alternate and use Clinique..

Over the years I've used Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

A few times over the years I've tried ( remember above me I mentioned I cant' stick with anything, prime example..I'd have something that worked fine but yet I wanted to try MAC) using MAC Stuido-Fix Power.. I never liked it, not the first time, not the second time, and yes you guessed it.. NOT the third time!
So many people wore MAC and I always wanted to be that 'MAC Make-Up user' don't ask why...

Over the years of switching, I decided to try Bare Minerals Powder/Foundation and really liked it! You might be asking OK well then why don't you use it, I mentioned in my Concealer Post, I'm allergic to Bare Minerals Make-Up. I absolutely loved the natural-radiant glow that this make up gave me though!

After reading some good reviews and having a lady at Sephora help me.. I decided to go with Laura Mercier Pressed Power

To be brutally honest I do NOT like it!
I feel as those my face looks like this...

OK, that might be a bad image.. Cause fortunately I do not have any wrinkles yet, but what I'm trying to get at with this image is you can see every little imperfection and hair.. You can def tell there is a layer of make-up on her face (You can also tell on mine when I wear that make up)

I feel like MiMi from the Drew Carey Show

OK not literally but you get the picture...

So what do I do? I want the natural yet pretty look back!! Do you have a recommendation or should I try going back to the Clinique that I've used for years or try another Mineral Loose Powder?


I use this Primer after my lotion and have always had great results with it, I've also changed my face lotions a few times and have had all the same results of the thick yuck looking make-up!

Thanks in advance for any tips/opinions!

Sending My Luck & Love!

I just want to send some Good Luck and Love to a few of my special friends...

* I have a friend starting a new job on Monday, she really deserves this and needs it to ease her life!!

*I have another friend who went to an interview on Friday, cross your fingers things work out!

* I have a friend who just finished her first half marathon this past weekend, she has been training for half a year and put so much dedication into this.. Technically she doesn't need the luck anymore cause she already finished, maybe the luck I sent her in a card at the first of the month helped her ;)

*I have another friend going to some training tomorrow in hopes of possibly getting a "not so good" job to then eventually hopefully move up to the good job part! PLEASE say a big prayer for this one!!!

* I have a friend who landed an awesome job only 2 weeks after graduating! She is in her very own classroom and doing great, she also found out a few weeks before that she is expecting her second child!!!

* I have another friend who is having bad back pain that's sometimes keeping her in bed, hopefully she finds solutions soon!

* I have a friend who is running a 5K in a few weeks, followed by a 10K.. And I will be pushing her to sign up for a half shortly after that! She has the dedication and strength to complete it with her eyes closed, she just needs the Faith!

* I have a friend who moved back to her home town of Dallas today... It made me sad to see her go this week, but I know she will be happier there and know that I will be seeing her again, so I'm not too worried :)

* I have a friend who is planning her wedding and dealing with a lot of unnecessary/unfair stress that is making her experience very unpleasant

* I have a fiance (bet you can't guess who that one is ;)) who is ready to make leaps and bounds!! New doors are opening and I'm so proud of him!!! We still need to land a job for him, but he's headed in the right direction!

Wow sounds like I have a lot of just random "friends" ha!
I'm sure I forgot someone that I have been praying for or thinking of but don't you worry, I haven't forgot about them in my heart :)

Good Luck, Get Well, and I Love all my friends!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Concealer Make Up Help?!?!

I've learned in the blogging world, what better "go-to" for advice/tips than your blog or blogs you follow..

I'm on the hunt for a new concealer!

I strongly dislike (I do not like to use the word hate) buying new make-up.. Especially trying new make-up!

I have not been happy or consistent in purchasing a concealer for a couple years, I used to really like and use regularly the Bare Mineral's Powder Concelear

After wondering why I had these bumps on my face that looked like a rash for over a year... I finally realized I was allergic to Bare mineral's make-up, I stopped using all Bare mineral's and my face was clear within a few weeks!

Before that I used the MAC studio finish concealer

I didn't like how fast the MAC dried up..

Recently, my current concelaer is the Bobbi Brown

After reading several reviews and hearing ramps and raves about this concealer I made the leap and went and got it..... To be honest, I'm not that impressed! Especially for how much each little itty bitty tube cost..
This is a well known concealer but for some reason I'm just not a fan, If I remember right it was kinda watery at first and then now it's super dry.. And in the middle, it helped with my under eyes but not really any "cover-up" like I can normally get both out of a concealer
You can read about it here: Bobbi Brown Concealer

Does anyone know how long your supposed to keep make-up? I read a few articles but still unsure

So what do you use ladies, what's your FAV? I don't have to have the best of the best, I don't mind spending a little money just not too much!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Refillable Razor vs. Disposable Razor

I never thought I'd be posting about this....

Back in October, yes approx. 4 months ago I got the worst razor burn I've ever had (maybe even the first real case of razor burn) I'm talking it looked like a advertisement pic you might see that is trying to promote to prevent razor burn!!
Randomly during boot camp one night I asked the girl's I'm friends with, If they've ever had razor burn and what they did? They said to throw out my current razor and get a new one, as also discussed how it's best to do this about once a month.. So I did! For almost 2 weeks after I could not roll my deodorant on, I had to "tap" it on, I could not wear certain shirts or bras, and could only lightly go over my arm pit every 4-5 days (sick, I know...)
It gradually started going away but was still defiantly noticeably there and pretty uncomfortable..

When I was at my yearly "head to toe" check up at my dermatologist last week I decided to go ahead and just mention the razor burn and see what she said.....

She asked if I used dispobsable razors...

Yes I do

What do you use to shave with, shaving cream?

She recommended getting a mens refillable razor, she said the disposable only have 3 blades and do not cut as close to the skin.. Compared the the refillable have 5 blades and cut closer to the skin causing less irritation to the skin, especially in a sensitive area

She also said that she recommends the Avenno shaving cream but that this was not a must, just if maybe next time I buy new cream I could get this one..

I started using this combo about 1.5 weeks ago, after 3 days my razor burn was 100% gone and my hair has not come back near as quick as it used to.. This may sound gross but I can go days without shaving and barely see any hairs coming in!

I've always been set on doing the disposable because they are cheaper and more convenient but I do not think I will ever go back except when I'm on a trip or something!

Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience, I would love to hear that I'm not the only random weirdo that was excited about a new shaving set-up :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Missing My Dear Sweet Joy

This post is long over due.. I started it on Janurary 4th, made me sad so I stopped.. Started it again on Janurary 12th, same thing.. And now here I am on the 21st getting the courage to give it another shot!

Some of you might briefly remember this post from the first week of Janurary last year, Joy Marie, and if you know me personally you know my love for this sweet dear woman!

With out going into too much detail and not making it sound like I'm striving for attention.. Basically she passed away a year ago (the first day I tried doing this post)... I've never missed someone SO much in my whole entire life!!

I was cleaning out some old picture boxes that have been under my bed for years just basically waiting to be dug threw for any "special" pics that needed to be saved such as family pics, memorable moments, close friends, my first car, etc... and the rest such as ex's, old friends, stupid/worthless pics, etc needing to be throw away!!

As I was going threw these boxes I came across this pic...

This is me with Joy's wedding bouquet when she married her second husband, Frank.. Let me just tell you, the second I put this pic in my hand the tears started pouring!! I felt like such a little baby, my mom came in my room as she heard me to find out what had happened...

There is one yes 1 thing I would give up almost anything at my wedding just to have... Frank bought Joy a 3 tier diamond necklace and gave it to her the day they got married.. side note- Joy has talked about and dreamed about my wedding day since as far back as I can remember.. Frank knowing Joy's dreams for my wedding, when we realized she was not going to live to see the day I walk down the isle, he decided he wanted me to wear that necklace on my wedding day, he told Joy about this a few weeks before she passed and she was beyond thrilled!! Due to personal family drama that to be honest is the most selfish situation I've ever heard of... Frank did not get any access/rights to any of Joy's jewelry or any of her belongings for that matter, that being said by the time Frank got his thoughts together in the weeks after she passed, the necklace was already gone..
Frank still says he is going to ask for the necklace back since he technically bought it etc. and I PRAY that he gets the courage up to ask for it back and I get to have a piece of Joy resting on my chest the day I finally walk down the isle!

If you believe in prayer and don't mind, say a quick prayer or make a wish that one day he will get his hands on that necklace again and will be able to pass it on to me.

Ugh I did not plan on this post to get this emotional but since it has and I don't want to cry anymore I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up..

Miss You Auntie Cousin Joy!

Things You Don't Learn About Teaching in College!

This video is pretty old, 2008 to be exact.. Some of you may of already seen it but I came across it again and wanted to share it!
When you were a kid in school, the principles office was scary... As a teacher, the principles office is STILL scary!! haha!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nail Update! Shellac Manicure

Remember this blog post last week, Nails or No Nails?
First of all, Thank You to all of you who left comments on your tips or past experiences and Thanks to all those that emailed me with your thoughts!

I decided to go ahead and get rid of the acrylic nails! I kinda feel like a dork, I feel like I did a good dead or something! ha!

After doing research and talking with friends I decided to go ahead and get the Shellac manicure. I started seeing signs at my nail salon and hearing about this new manicure a few months back but never really looked into it.. Basically it is gel nails, you can read about it here:
CND Sheallc Manicure

I went in thinking that it was just a natural color like a clear coat, until Kim (my nail lady of 5+ years :)) today said OK, what color do you want? I said I though it was just a clear natural look, she laughed and handed me the samples of colors

The main idea of me getting rid of the acrylic was to start budgeting and save money... Well this kinda defeated the purpose, it cost the exact same... BUT I still feel better about making the switch, I feel like my nails will be healthier, easier to maintain, easier to work with kids, etc..

I'm thinking that I might just go the Shellac as a transition from the Acrylic to eventually do the basic manicure (to stick with the original concept of saving money).. I think the Shellac is a good transition, for the few minutes I had no acrylic on my nail and before she did the gel, it felt SOOOO weird and of course paper thin :/

All and all I'm glad I went with my gut and Thanks again for the tips, and to top it off my nail lady didn't even really ask questions and agreed it was a good idea :)

Here's my nails, I went with a very light pink.. They even have where you can do french and then also bright colors, that maybe I'll get brave closer to summer and venture out to, but we'll see......

If you have a question or want an update in a few weeks, feel free to email me!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

E-Mail please, going private!

Remember this post from last week, To go private or not?

As I was typing and then posting the blog post I was already about 80% sure I was going to set my blog to private...

After receiving all your wonderful comments/ideas/& input I was 95% sure I was going to set my blog to private.....

After going to orientation for school on Friday and hearing "Go home, google yourself.. The first week of school you and your co-teacher will type up a letter to send home to the parent's in your class telling them about you and the first thing the parents are going to do is google you."
So I came home and did... After finding several web pages pop up, most of them in reference to my blog and in google images were some of my pics from my blog..

I am now 100% sure I am setting my blog to private!!

Thanks to all those who left me comments last week, I have all them saved and will be adding your email address to my list :)

If there is anyone else that still wants to follow my blog, please leave a comment on this post with your email address and I will be more than happy to add you to my private list!!!

Hope everyone stayed warm and dry this weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To go private or not?

I've been debating making my blog private for quite sometime now, well honestly since I created my blog in 2009! I have not really put much thought into it as you can probably tell since I haven't ever mentioned it before..

I don't put anything bad on my blog, I don't talk bad about people or anything, so why make it private right? Well basically just for my safety and those who I might mention/post a pic of on my blog.

With all the "social network" talk that I've been hearing and discussing with friends lately kinda has me a little weary about what I put online. The online web is basically an open book.. I've always had my setting on facebook as private as possible.. A few months back I went threw my facebook albums and deleted over half of them ( probably had 70+ albums), after talking with a few friends and doing some reserach online in reference to jobs etc. I went threw last week and deleted a ton more albums along with any extra info I had on my profile under the "about me" section or the "likes" section and I also took off the year I was born.
I decided to do this since my fiance BD is starting to look for a new job now that he has his certification complete and also for my safety as I will be starting in the part of my school program where I will be at the Elementary school 4 days a week this semester..
One of my dad's friends that owns his own company told my dad that whenever someone comes in with an application the first thing he does is look at their facebook.. Also when his workers call into work and have an excuse why they can't come in, he looks on their facebook to see what they have posted lately, one guy called in sick one day and he looked at his facebook and saw he was out of town that past weekend and had pics of partying and saying how the guy was having such a great time that he was going to stay an extra day.. Welp your boss just caught you in a lie buddy!! Ouch!
My big sis Lindsey sent me the link to this facebook article today and it opened up my eyes to this matter even more...

Also FYI, always check your facebook settings.. Facebook doesn't necessarily go in and "change" your settings but they are always "updating" there privacy/settings and if you don't know this and go in and check it periodically you won't know that you need to "unckeck" something that they might of added that automatically enables others to see about you...

Sorry I sound like a natzee about this but I've heard of too many job situations lately happening and also remember although you have all your settings to as private as possible, there are ALWAYS ways around it, especially with any government type job, they can bypass those settings with the click of a button!!

OK now that I went off on a tangent let me get back on track....... I'm thinking of setting my blog to private, I know it's easy to do but it makes me sad that I might loose some followers since it's not just as simple as clicking "follow."

Sooo here's where I need your help, I know how to set to private but I need all the email address so I can do so!!! Please leave me a comment with your blogger/google account email address so I can add you to my followers list!!

PS. Another reason I'm wanting to do this: I made my comments to where you didn't have to do the password just so it was easier for y'all to leave comments, but then I started getting SO much spam etc on my blogger comments so I changed it back...

I hope I get a lot of comments so I can add a lot of followers to continue viewing my blog!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nails or No Nails?

I have a confession... I have been getting my nails "done" since I was a Soph or Junior in high school (2001/2002) yes that is approx. 9 years!!!! I'll admit, I'm a little at awe about this myself... Now just to justify for the sake of making myself feel better, I do not go every 2 weeks like they tell you to and you technically should cause they start looking a little ehh, so I have not been spending that much $$$... I have not had my nails "done" from time to time here and there for like a few weeks or a month throughout the past 9 ( breath...) years, simply to let them get stronger and simply let my nails take a break. Also my nails have gotten so long over time and also become strong enough that I don't really have "fake nails" anymore its just acrylic on top of my real nail.

SO here's the question... Has anyone ever done the transition of not having nails anymore?!?!

I am trying to "simplify" my life... I use this term very broadly, as I will still do other things that people would not consider simplified.. But this is one of my first things I feel needs to go! I have thought about it several times over the years but it was nothing more than a though.. It came into my head and quickly left as I started to think about all the things I love about having nails: Prettier hands, girlie, pampering myself, picking at things, making things easier to open, etc.
I have never really considered doing it...
I have been going to the same nail salon and lady for the past 5+ years.. I know she will try to talk me out of it simply because it is her business and she will want me coming back but I am determined to explain to her as why I don't want to do it anymore.. (wow I'm sounding kinda pathetic at this point)

So to close this question out.. I know I will still want to go get a manicure about once a month and I don't know that I will want a color on my nail but maybe just a pretty shimmer or clear looking polish.. Any tips or suggestions? I heard a few months back that OPI has something new out that is kind of hard like acrylic that you can get when you do a manicure..


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