Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens in VEGAS stays in Vegas....

That's right Ladies... Headed to Vegas on Aug. 19th (My mom's Birthday)
Here's my Vegas history!
Aug 05' surprised Mom with a trip to Vegas for her 50th Birthday! Stayed at the Wynn only a month after opening!

Mom and I in front of The Mirage

August 06' dad decides let's go back again, we stayed at the Bellagio

Mom and I in some hotel... Don't remember!

June 07' the bestie is ready to move back from AZ to Houston! I went up and stayed with her and we made a little trip to Vegas then headed home to Houston!

November 07' just a short months after meeting one of my really good friends, Kelli... She invited me to Vegas full trip paid for during Thanksgiving Break! We bonded so much during this time and have so so many pictures and memories to prove it... I'll resist and only post 1 ok maybe 2!

Day 1: Land Shark and Marg @ Margaritaville = 15 bucks!

LONG night @ VooDoo!

Uhh I wanna post so many more... But I won't!

So this will be my 5th year in a row to go! I have that place memorized! I am so Thankful for all the opportunities I have had to go, People tell me to live it up and travel while I'm young without kids! So I am doing so with going to Cancun in October and a cruise out of Ft Laurderdale in Jan to visit the Bahamas, St. Marteen, and St. Thomas!

Things we plan on doing while in Vegas:
Dinner with the Patent's (Rebekah's fam) She will be there the week we are! TROUBLE, 3rd year there together!
Terrry Fator Show
Wax Musuem
Some night club Bekah wants to go to
And we'll see where else the road takes us!

Pics to come! I hope everyone allows themselves the oppurtunites to explore in life! I enjoy not going out on weekends and saving my money so I can do things such as trips!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to school....

Ok ladies, I need your opinions once again! As many of you know Hurley is my FAVORITE brand.. I have been using a Coach business tote bag as my school bag but ready for a change! I'm feeling the back pack style again.. So I need help deciding which one! Feel free to leave your honest o pinon and why you like that one? Remember I LOVE me some Hurley so they all fit me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Check out these Bridesmaids dresses! The pictures don't do them justice... I MUST know where they are from! ha!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Started with a BANG ended with a BOOM

What an exciting yet devastating weekend!
Friday night I met 2 very special girls, Katie and Cara for dinner at Pei Wei, we enjoyed laughs and story after story of talking!
Katie and I then proceeded to Mo's in Katy to celebrate Kelli's Birthday! I didn't stay long but had a good time while I was there!
Woke up early Saturday morning and headed to HWC for H~Town Showdown

Some of our close/great friends joined us out at the tournament. Boy was I nervous to compete, I signed up as soon as I got there and within 20 mins was trying to back out! But luckily the Beau wouldn't let me! So we competed, he got 1st!!!! I do not know what I got, I did not even care to check, knowing I did not get 1-3rd which is what you get the prizes for! After spending the day in the hott heat enjoying watching some amazing riders we decided to pack up and head to the river with the Lenz's included! That night we went up to Dido's and had some yummy food while sitting out by the water listening to a great Band my parents friend Rick got to come out and play. We were all so exhausted, ended the night with watching tv and falling asleep while the boys and Megan fished outside!
Sunday morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and headed out on the water.
After being out for a couple hours, spending some time at the little place we call "the beach" Morty decided to ride. This only being his 2nd time to ride! He was doing great! We got some great pictures and aughs out of him riding, then all of a sudden he starts to fall and Morty being stubborn decided he isnt going to let go..... Long story short we get back to him, Brian helps him on the boat, he calls his mom, I call 911... I speed home in the pouring rain, heart raching 90 miles an hour... I turn the corner to my house and see the ambulance waiting and I loose it, I mean I absolutely lost it. Thank God I had my best friend Megan there to calm my nerves while Brian is sitting on the back supporting Morty. After we have to file a police report, the paramedics get him off the boat and on the stretcher he is off to the hospital. Now that I am balling I am going to wrap up the story, he broke his femur in 3 places, had surgery around 8pm last night, will be in the hospital recoving till Wed. and man is he a trooper! Love you Morty and can't wait till your up and running again! I'm praying every day for a speedy recovery! Special thanks to Megan for all her help and understanding through everything yesterday!

What a weekend... ready for a busy week ahead!

Please keep Morty in your prayers as this is a HUGE set back in his life at a difficult time for him!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tailgate Themed Shower....

OK ladies, my "big sis" "god sister" "next door neighbor for 14 years" is getting married! yes I have dreamed of this day since we were little and used to play dress up! I am in the House Party of her wedding and throwing her a shower at the end of Sept. She is a graduate of Texas Tech and a lot of her friends are coming in for the UH vs TECH game that Saturday night! So were starting the day off with a shower at lucky's pub that will be Tailgate theme. I have taken the job of doing the decorations.. I have been searching and found a few ideas.. Let me share!

This is the best football themed napkins, plates etc. I have found, the rest look really cheap and immature..

here's the matching centerpiece to use around the room

Grass "turf" to use on a table like with the cake on top of it, I would order several pieces

Table runner..

"Tailgate Zone" tape to decorate the room

Centerpieces, decoration...

A banner with their names on it and date event etc.


Flag, maybe can be used for a game or something or as decoration


I want to make a board like this with their pics... Ideas?

Also should I tie Texas Tech and Cowboys stuff into the decor? Their favorite teams...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend ReCap!

Hello fellow blogger friends..
What a nice real axing weekend I had, for once! Went to the river house with the boyfriend and one of my friends Bekah (Sorority sister from UH) We just chilled, looked at Magazines, wakeboarded (Bekah did as well, yay Bek) and of course ate!
Brian and I went to see the Hangover last night down by the river house, funny funny movie! Gotta see it! We do not make it to the movies often and it was def worth it!

This coming weekend, I am really excited about! Friday is my good friend Kelli's B~day! We are going out to dinner and her favorite dance spot (Mo's) which is where she meant her lover John! Then Saturday some of our good dear friends are joining us for a wakeboard competition (h town showdown) Brian rode in it last year and I think I am as well this year, so scared but excited at the same time, thanks Danielle for helping me make this discussion!

That's it for now!

Well lets go over some weekend I'm excited for:
Next weekend: Mo's, H~Town Showdown and maybe Cross Canadian Ragweed
The 25th: Rock climbing with Redwood
The 31-2: The Lenz familes X 2 coming to the river and hopefully Mer and her little fam!
The 8th: George Strait baby!
Sept 4-6th: Charlie Robinson @ Gruene Hall and eating at Oasis and hopefully going out on Lake Travis!

Lots of pics to come!

Have a blessed week!

With love,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 15th Blog...

Yes I've only blogged 15 times, but I'm working on getting better!

Not much to say today. This past week and this coming week I've had and have dinner plans every night with a differnt friend. I have really been thanking God lately for all the amazing people he has placed in my life. I went through a period of time of having pretty much no friends! Its amazing how God can turn things around!
Another amazing thing I have seen God do lately...
So this weekend we had about 9 friends at the river house, we had a blast as always! For most of the people there it was our 2nd annual 4th @ the river together, looking forward to the 3rd annual with Danielle and Chris next year! So we all loaded up in the back of Mike C's truck and headed into Brazoria to go to a fire work stand, well first of all God kept us safe in the back of Mike's truck on the highway (which I was nervous about, Megan I can't believe I rode back there the first time, then got in with you) So my dad hears that on Saturday shortly after we left the firework stand something happened with the power lines or something and someone died and got injured, RIGHT where we were standing. God Bless the family that loss a loved one.

Some exciting news, I am looking into being a wedding coordinator's assistant next semester as I finish up school! I have been obsessing over weddings lately, I have so many ideas picked out and planned for mine. I know I'm pathetic, no ring on the finger. But if you know me, you know I live for my wedding day and festivites, ha! So basically if your reading this and will be attending my wedding, watch out bridezilla, jk jk jk jk! heres a few ideas I like

LOVE these colors! Gray and purple, found on Stylemepretty website (best wedding idea website ever)
I'm also thinking of pink and brown...

Love the heritage tables! Very fancy and classy looking with the candles

Defiantly plan on having a photo booth!

Creative way to ask your girls to be a part of the special day

Ok so I have a whole folder of pics but I wont look to obsessive and share any more..

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swim Suit Frenzy

I will post about the wonderful 4th of July weekend tomorrow.. Right now, I need some opinions!
So Victoria Secret is having a major sale on all their wonderful oh so cute swim suits. Not that I don't have plenty to get me threw the summer BUT I'm thinking ahead and wanting to order some and have them fresh and new for our cruise Jan 2010! I have 4 chosen and can't narrow down which ones to get cause there all such good prices, so here's where my lovely blogging friends come in.. FYI I plan on being about 30 pounds lighter by then, but will never have these girls bodies!

Can't wait to see what your lovelies have to say!

Good Night to all!


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