Monday, September 21, 2009


Reasons I love fall and thing I look forward to:
*Cooler Weather
*Sweaters, comfy clothes
*ALL the Holidays
*Being home on weekends, so spending more time with friends
*Lots of pictures to be taken!
*Great Fishing
*Smell in the air
*The Beautiful colors outside
*Baked Goods

UH Football games
Tailgate shower
Watching Football
Lindseys Weekends (bach party and wedding)
Waketoberfest (wakeboard tournament)
Spending time with friends and family
My parents 34th Anniversary
Dallas for Thanksgiving
and much more...

Look at this super cute idea I saw... I'd love to do this in my classroom or game room with my children one day!

A tree with "Things were thankful for"

What do you like about fall or look forward to?


Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

I am in LOVE with that TREE!! I am totally stealing that idea for my kids!!

The Mrs. said...

That is such a cute idea! (the tree) I love suff like that... I'll have to remember that when I have kids old enough. :) I absolutely love fall too - and I posted about it on my page! haha.

Chris & Danielle Lenz said...

I am so glad it is fall already and look forward to all that it has to bring!!!


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