Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Alive!

Yes, I'm alive! I could go on and on about how crazy my life has been and give you all my excuses as to why I have not blogged but I do not think that is necessary! So I'll just say YES I'm alive, still have my blog, and dearly miss reading all my blogs! I'll admit I have not kept up with anyone's blogs, bad blog follower, I know! When I signed on today for the first time in over a month I was excited to see I still had all 94 followers I had before AND even 1 more so I have 95 followers!

I don't have much to say so I'll just do some bullets on things I'm looking forward to this fall:

Our QB Case Keenum is up for The O'Brien QB Award, feel free to vote here.. I do daily! He is ranked # 2 right now!

Nuff' Said!

* My parents 35th Anniversary is at the end of the month!!! I'm so so excited to celebrate this amazing benchmark with 2 of my best friends, they are my idols and have everything I ever dream of having in my future marriage!
I started to plan a surprise get together with close family and friends but then decided to wait till 40th for a get together and then 50th for the BIG party! I'm still trying to think of something really neat to get them, they have everything they need and don't necessarily have any hobbies to get them anything for so any ideas?? Their talking about going to Vegas to celebrate and keep putting off planning it as they are trying to figure out my schedule but I told them I'm NOT going, I want them to go celebrate and enjoy themselves!
So come on ladies help me think of something? I like the idea of doing something with pics from over the years but want something creative, I make them a new wall calendar every Christmas with pics from the past year so that's out of the question..

* Looking forward to Fall with lots of Texas Country Concerts lined up to attend at The Fort Bend County Fair & Ziegfest!

* Looking forward to sharing/witnessing the marriage of one of Brian's cousins in Oct and also a high school/family friends wedding in Oct

*Wearing boots, especially my Cowgirl boots!

* My brother's 30th Birthday in a couple weekends!!!

* Being 1 more semester closer to finishing school!

*Going to Dallas to visit one of my most FAV families including the 2 most precious boys in the world!!

This pic is from 08' but its an all time FAV of mine!

* Also of course looking forward to spending the Holiday's with family and friends!

And the list goes on.. But for now that's all I got!

Thanks for still following me :) And please if you have any ideas for a great Anniv gift for my parents comment or email me Jenmb123@aol.com


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