Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts...

*What a FUN week this has been in the blogging world, some of my FAV blogging ladies have been blogging like crazy this week, I LovE it!
*Another week of September down!
*Busy weekend ahead, facial party, birthday party, baby shower, house warming party, and fondue party.. Don't think I will be making them all, I'll try to work it all out!
*Fitting in an older pair of jeans, pretty excited! Al the 530 am runs are starting to pay off already!
*Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs comes out tomorrow! Hopefully I can go see it Sunday!
*The Roxy scarf I wanted is not longer available so I have a few more for suggestions....

* The Tailgate shower is next weekend and boy am I excited! I need to start getting all the little things together I've made and bought over the past few months!
*I've been having some weird dreams about differnt friends lately, what is this supposed to mean?
*Danielle and I did not really succeed with scarves last night (well she did) but we did do some damage at Forever, of course!
*So excited the Holidays are coming up, what is your favorite part about the Holidays?
Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, parties, food, friends, family, decorations????


Lindsey said...

The first scarf is a must! :)

Annie said...

all the scarves are SO cute!!
i really need to invest in a few ;)

The Mrs. said...

thanks for commenting on my blog and being a follower! :) your blog is cute too. are you married or just dating? (saw the pic of you and your "love) :)

the tichenor family said...

Super cute scarves, you know that I love the orange one!! YAY for getting in old jeans... after I had Carson I impulsively bought a pair of jeans ($$$) without asking KT just because they zipped and buttoned in my original size. I was so proud I practically ran to the cash register. YOU GO GIRL! Proud of you.


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