Friday, December 31, 2010

My Friends Are Better Than Yours......

OK, so maybe the title isn't entirely true especially since many of my really good friends read my blog and they also have other great friends, but I can say I have been truly blessed with some amazing girl friends and they all show it and make me feel that way in various ways! With everything I have been through this year from my health to wedding changes to school to weight gain, my friends have been there when I needed to cry, when I haven't looked my best, when I just wanted to sit with them and not go out, when I've canceled on them and haven't been the best friend I could be, when I've had to leave their bachlorette party early because I was too sick, when I wanted to have a slumber party and feel like we were young again, when I didn't show up to their Birthday celebrations, when they couldn't get a hold of me and had to call/text my mom to check on me or find out what a new doctor said, when I've needed flowers to cheer me up.. they were sent to my house, when I needed a card in the mail to make me smile, when I needed a sweet post written on my facebook wall, when I needed to try a new experience such as yoga or just crafting, when I needed that "just because" gift, when I needed to vent, and the list can go on and on!!!!

One really sweet thing that was done this year for me is what brings me to this post... I feel that I always find creative ways to show my friends just how much I appreciate and love them and this year one of my groups of girlfriends topped everything I've done!

This year we celebrated our 3rd Annual Girl's Christmas Dinner/Gift Exchange together, three years ago while we were all out one night it was just casually mentioned that we should start doing this and I'm not too sure if anyone really thought it was going to happen, well leave it up to me and I'll make it happen, so we did it! As an appreciation of me planning this event for us the past three years the girls got me a necklace that I had mentioned on this post. When they brought it up and told me what they had done for me I wanted to cry, I def teared up but tried to not be a drama queen and cry, I'm sorry I'm emotional and when people do things like that for me I just can't help it...

Here's the precious/pretty/sweet/dainty little necklace they got me:

Here's the description online:

BFF. Partner in crime. Confidant. No matter what she goes by, she is your best friend! Let her know how much her friendship means to you with our best friends reminder necklace. The wishbone charm lets her carry her wishes with her everywhere. She deserves it. Come to think of it, so do you!

Here's the card message the necklace came on:

make a wish and put on your necklace. I believe we were meant to be friends. let your necklace be a daily reminder that your love and friendship is an amazing gift to me!

How sweet is that? So does my title beat yours?!?! ;)

I can't tell you my wish or it won't come true, but I will say with these group of girl's it will come true!

I sent each of them a little Thank You note in the mail and hope they really know how much it means to me that they did this for me

Here's a pic from our first annual party Dec. 2008 at Jenny's parent's house

This is our 2nd annual at Kristina's APT.. I didn't get very many good pics this year:(

This years 3rd annual party at Corelli's Italian restaurant

I look forward to collecting many more of these precious little necklace's

Year of the Rabbit- In my life..

- I've done some brief research and have found that only 8% of people who make New Years resolutions stick with them the following twelve months, as a matter of fact more than half don't even make it to the end of Janurary.
I also learned mainly the reason for that is simply that people can't adjust their lives drastically all of a sudden and make all these changes, so basically many people are set up for failure. The reserach has proved that in that 8% all those people started ideally planning for these new resolutions/goals approx 4 weeks before the New Year or even off and on for several months, not just the week prior to the New Year. Now with all that being said, here is my plan...

My New Year's goal's to roll over from this past year (past few months) and simply push harder!

Includes but is not limited to:

{Continue really pushing myself in boot camp}
Ideally I would like to go all 4 times a week my boot camp is offered but I'll be honest with myself it's a challenge to make it to every session so I will try to commit to 3 times per week and hope for 4!

{Continue loosing weight}
Approx. 25 pounds down in the past 2.5-3 months, _ _ to go.....

{Budget,Save,less shopping}

OK I'll be honest, I haven't really been doing this yet.. I have been budgeting better and not shopping as much but I haven't been saving.. yet

{Continue to use coupons}
I've become the coupon notsee and I'm not even a mom yet!! I've always enjoyed reading the Sunday Newspaper sale ad's and clipping coupons but now in this virtual world we live in, they simply pop up in my email way too often and also I have a few lovely coupon lady blogs I follow.. Now let me say this though, I do not print a bunch of coupons that I'm only going to save .50c here or .25c, I look at it as it's costing me more in paper and ink to print the coupon

{Eat better}
This has always been a challenge for me as I simply love food and love junk food. I was not raised eating the healthiest foods and I am extremely picky and can't do certain textures so basically I'm a difficult eater..
I have really made some changes over the past few months and looking forward to continuing and doing better! Getting my gallbladder removed in May has helped this change be easier as I couldn't eat many foods anymore but that's besides the point...

*Included in this category*

-Better balanced meals

-Better and more breakfasts

-Cut way back on Soda's, I know I should cut it all together.. But let's be honest, if you know me I have been a soda lover my whole life, I actually was talking with some girl friends the other day about how they used to come to my house when we were young and our fridge had a row of Cokes, Sunkist, DP, Root Beer, Cherry Coke, etc...
So I'll be real with myself, I will take the challenge of only having them on occasion!!

{Stay organized}
I'll toot my own horn for a sec.. I've always been good at this, I pretty much know where anything I need is at all times, I use color coded plans, I have tons of storage container/bin things, I have several personal file folders already, I make to-do lists and stick with them by crossing out etc, my laptop and email folders are very organized, and even my back pack and purse have certain ways of staying in order

{Send random cards in the mail and Thank You notes}

I'm the Queen at this and I absolutely love it!

New goals/hopes for 2011: (simply said)

-Blog way more than I did in 2010
-Learn more about Brian
-Forget past failures
-less web browsing
-more book/article reading
-spend as much time as possible with girlfriends (yes I do this a lot, but this next year will be much harder as I will have a busier day schedule and more exhausted in the evenings)
-spend more time with people over the age of 60 and under the age of 6
-Agree to disagree
-Don't compare myself to others or be jealous of others
-Get "dressed" more aka don't wear my comfy black pants and sports bras so much
-Spend more time with my future in-law's
-Call my family more
-Continue to take an unbelievable amount of pics of friends & family
-Continue to learn as much as I can to be the best possible teacher
-Be open minded
-Count my blessings
-Finish writing my mission list: 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days
-Learn to do 180 on my Wakeboard
-Maybe do this:

You can read about it here: One Hundred Push Ups

Last but least, spend more time in prayer, reading my Bible, and reading my daily devotional

Well, that's a wrap blog friends!!!
I look forward to another blessed year of reading everyone's blogs and learning new things you share!

With all the being said...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Catching Up....

Yes, I'm alive!!!
No I didn't forget about: My 12 Days of Christmas posts, the 3 posts I blogged about back in October, 3 Things Introduction.. and yes I still plan on doing those and doing a brief wrap up of the 12 days posts!

I just caught up on my Dashboard/Reading List, I went back all the way to December 15th when I last read anyone's post and got caught up on what I felt was necessary...

But now I'm off to shower to go to dinner with my longest life long group of girlfriends who I've spent a lot of time with over this break but be ready for several posts the next couple days!!
One I'm really looking forward to is about my New Years goals, plans, etc.. No NOT New Years Resolutions!!

PS- If your bored and wanna look or have a fav pair to share, I'm on the hunt for an "everyday" earring.. I want a stud earring, sterling silver, kinda dainty.. I need a pair to help dress me up with my buisness casual attire for next semester, I have kinda mis-placed my Diamond Studs at the moment and don't know that I would want to wear those anyways..
SO you got a fav pair or brand or seen something cute? Please share!!

I hope all my blog readers had a Blessed Christmas with their families and friends!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"12 Days Of Christmas" Day 4- Tips/Tricks to Budget

Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season

Let me start off by saying that famous line, "Practice what you preach".. So I am going to say these things with every bit of intention on doing them myself!

1. Use coupons USE coupons USE coupons!!! I have bought very few items this past year (including before Holiday shopping) without a coupon.. If a coupon is possible, I normally have it, rather it came in the mail, newspaper, via email, (I am signed up for emails to almost every store I shop at) found on a blog I follow, or goggled for "blank store promo code month year". I will admit, at times I feel cheap and if it's too stressful to use the coupon or it's a very little discount, I don't waste my time.. But if I could go back and add up for you how much I've saved you would be surprised, as I think I would be too!!

2. Make a list!!! Write down everyone you plan to get something for and ideally how much you should spend.. Oh and stick to the list!!!

3. Only buy what you can afford!

4. Don't be afraid to look for good deals, rather it be at a discounted type store or even the sale racks!

5. It's never too early to start purchasing things.. If you see something that just fits one of your loved ones to a T, buy it.. If a store closes and you can stock up on gifts, do it.. If an "end of season" sale happens at a favorite store and has great things you can't pass up, buy a variety of things for parties like white elephant, or a small gift exchange at work etc...

6. If your extended family is still buying for each individual person, suggest drawing names or playing some type of gift exchange game to where you only bring one gift and then maybe something little and special for your elderly family members.

7. Don't buy at Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge till a week after Thanksgiving when they put everything 50% off!!!!

8. Please please please don't spend lots of $$$ on gift packaging... Most all my bags come from the dollar store, and not only the single bags but the ones with 2-3 gift bags per $1... They also have great gift box labels, sometimes you can get more for your money at Wal-Mart on those but still always keep the dollar store in mind!

9. Do something personal, write something.. make something.. do something with pictures..
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

10. Stock up on Christmas decor, wrap, etc the day after Christmas and the weeks following.. Put it away with all your old goodies as they go back in the attic for another year :)

So there you have it.. Those are my top 10 money saving thoughts! What are yours?

Monday, December 6, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Day 3- Meaningful/Memorable Gifts

Day 3: Meaningful/Memorable Gifts

* This might not be very relevant but I think my most meaningful and memorable gift would be the gift of life my parents have given me.. The unconditional love and support they have always shown me, the young woman they have taught me to grow into, the value they have shown me what true love and real friendships means, and the list goes on and on!

*Quality time with my family and friends!

*All the Christmas cards we receive early!

*ANYTHING handmade and/or personalized!!!

*Special ornaments.. Especially personalized with name, initial, year, or certain type that relates to my life

*Anything including a photo on it

*The Victoria Secret spray- "Heavenly" my Maw-Maw got me every year the last 5 years she was alive

I think my all time favorite gift that I can remember from the past few years would be far have to be my:

I think this gifts top all gifts of all for several reasons.. taking pictures is one of my most fav things to do, captures some lifetime memorable moments, great quality, and I can get so much use out of it for years to come as to some things in the past like cloths, toys, etc. that I only got minimal use out of!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Day 2- Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

* So I am aware I am super behind, the 12/14 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge is almost complete and I am on Day 2... With my busy schedule and lack of blogging time lately I have decided my goal is to complete the 12/14 Days of Christmas by December 25th, Christmas Day! Sorry Aly & Molly for breaking the rules.. Please forgive me :)

Day 2 - Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

- Black Friday has already passed.. and I did not partake in any of the shopping madness but I will wing it!

*I have never done Black Friday Shopping, I've never had a reason to.. Don't have kids to go buy all the top selling toys for and don't have my own place yet to need that amazing deal on a 42" flat screen... My parents have told me they used to be the crazy people waiting in line at Toys R Us to get the best deals, Bless them for being the most amazing parents!

*For weeks my sweet friend Katie over at A Daily Dose of Dallas and I planned on being at Target when they opened and also hitting up Best Buy but the night before as we were both heading up to Baker St. to meet friends, we decided against it..

*I did go with another sweet friend Lindsey over at Longhorn in Houston to Target on the Saturday after black Friday after we went to an early morning yoga session and lunch. We went basically for a few necessities, and I ranked in on about 8 dvd's mostly costing 1.99 or 3.99!

*I have done a great deal of online shopping the past few weeks.. A few things I can think of that I've ordered... Photo gifts for my parents, a shirt for Brian, some ornaments, jeans for me, a funny sign to hang at our river house for my dad, a few things for my little Allie girl's first Christmas, a gift for my buffer Megan, some gifts to donate, a gift for my bff Rachael, some stuff for my brother, a graduation gift for a few of my fellow UH education friends graduating this semester.. and I think that's it so far. With all the "email deals" I keep getting I just can't resist! I've gotten up to 60% of some things and haven't paid over 3.99 for ANY shipping!!!

*Over the past couple years I'm growing to liking online shopping more.. If I know exactly what I want and know the quality, size, color, etc is good, it's almost just as easy to order it online with the cheap shipping everywhere is offering!!

*I very seldom buy anything without some sort of "promo code," I have even goggled until I have found one before placing an order!!

*We have had the same UPS guy deliver to our house since we moved here 13 years ago.. Everyone knows him on a first name basis, he even knows our dogs and talks to them every time he comes to the door.. Thursday night I heard his truck pulling up as the dogs started barking, I thought to myself NO way is Charles delivering at package at 9:40 at night.. Sure enough I look out and he's walking up the drive way, I went outside and joked with him and said "how dare me order so much that you have to work this late" he just laughed and said he enjoyed it, I told him to go home and go to bed, "he would probably be back tomorrow" sure enough, he delivered here again on Friday, eek!!! Needless to say, he's on my gift card purchase lists this year!

I don't really have any tricks or tips to share other than the online shopping I talked about above!

Oh actually I do have one thing... Some times if you find something you really like in a store, especially a boutique style shop, take a pic on your phone (or write it down, of course) of the info on the tag and go home and goggle it! Sometimes you will find you can only purchase the item wholesale or that is isn't cheaper online but sometimes you will find it for half the price!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly 2010 Christmas Card

Oh What Fun Christmas Card
Get custom photo Christmas cards online at
View the entire collection of cards.

"12 Days of Christmas" Day 1- Christmas Traditions

I don't know if my family really has any "traditions" but I can tell you what we normally do...

This is the only picture from Christmas time that I could find easily without digging into endless amounts of photo books...

Starting with the weeks leading up to Christmas:
*Growing up my mom would always spend an entire weekend if not two weekends baking cookies, she would bake approx. 20-25 differnt types of cookies and would make a cookie tray to some of their top customers, family, and close friends.. When I would go with my mom to deliver the cookies, people's faces would just light up when we walked in as they knew why we were there each year. As the years have gone by for several reasons some of the main ones being my parents sold their nursery business, we don't get together as often with our extended family, and let's be honest a main reason is cause we can't consume all those lovely sweets and not have to work out for 6+ hours a day to try and work it off like we could when my parents were younger and even myself.
So now my mom spends one Saturday at the first of December baking approx 7-10 differnt types of cookies and we give them to a few close family friends and I bring a tray to both of Brian's parents houses.

*I remember waking up every morning in the month of December and going straight to the advent calendar in the kitchen to move the little mouse to the next day and counting how many more days till the "25th"

*Growing up my family would always cook chicken and dumplings (or some sort of warm dish) Christmas Eve night, as my mom was cooking I would be busy in the living room sorting out the presents to each person's designated stack to open. The presents we opened Christmas Eve were from "my parents" and my brother and I would exchange our gifts we picked out for each other, we would wake up Christmas morning to our visit from Santa Claus!!!! After going through those gifts we would head to our Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw's house where we would eat and do Christmas with my mom's side of the family.

As my brother and I have grown older things have changed a little...

* The past few years my family has gone to Christmas Eve Church service then out to eat at a semi-nice restaurant then home to open all of our gifts. Santa still comes Christmas morning and fills our stockings with goodies like gift cards, toiletries, small items, etc etc
- My mom has always been the best about making everything fair for my brother and I.. I can't Thank her enough for this!! She spends extra time as she is wrapping gifts through out the month and writes down what is in each box and what kind of paper it is wrapped in (she makes a visual note) then normally on the 23rd or 24th she pulls them all back out from under the tree and numbers them, we have to open #1 at the same time then #2 and so on... The gift normally has the same $ value or is the same "type" of gift, a dvd, socks, shirt, etc..

*On Christmas day we normally always take our time getting ready and head over to my dad's cousins who you might know as Auntie Cousin Joy (she gave herself this name when we were little kids, she didn't want to just be a cousin, she wanted to more of an Aunt for us and boy was she ever!) But since my sweet Auntie Cousin Joy passed away at the beginning of this year, things will be differnt this year.. I'm not sure what the plan is to be honest!
I feel like I am giving you a novel of each thing, so I am just going to briefly mention a few other things we do:

- We all get a pack of socks every year, its a huge joke with the 4 of us.. We get all excited when we open them and act like it's a package of gold!
- I have made my Dad a photo wall calendar and my mom a photo desktop calendar of pictures from the previous year for the past 7+ years.. I normally try and theme them out, one year I did a pic from when we were young and a pic of the past year for every month (diff pics each month of course) I also try and put a pic of something significant for that month (March My B-day, pic of me.. Sept parents Anniv, pic of them.. December pic of Christmas from the year before etc etc)
- One of my closest friends Rebekah celebrates with us every year if she can not make it home to her parents, this year she went home for Thanksgiving so she will be spending Christmas with us
- I get our puppies a new costume/shirt/hat every year.. It's a HUGE hit for the family, my dad talks about it all year especially a lot as we get closer to the holiday..

- This is not a good thing... As I've gotten older and harder to shop for, I pretty much know about 70% of what I'm getting.. I'm normally with my mom when she buys it or I order it online and give it to her, ha... My poor mom tries so hard to still find ways to surprise me, she's just too sweet!

I guess that's enough of what we do every year!

I'd like to briefly list a few things I want to do with my little family in the future:

-Collect an ornament every year, I love giving themed ornaments that pertain to what that person likes or enjoys doing..
-Teach my kids the real meaning behind Christmas at an early age
- Participate in "Elf on the shelf" every year!

- Help them believe in Santa for as long as possible....
-Leave cookies for Santa
-Do the Advent Calendar together every day
-Watch Charlie Brown's Christmas Story every year
-Listen to Christmas music as we decorate
-Volunteer/give to the orphans a couple times during the Holiday season
- Never forget the Reason For The Season!
-Do crafts together
-Take Family Christmas Pictures every year
-Be stress free as we try to spend time with all of our families
-Build a Snowman (out of sand) on the beach at least once
-Dress up every Christmas Eve
-Spend Christmas day in our PJ's

Can you tell I will be your "typical" over achiever mom.. EEK!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New "Collector Items"/Christmas Gift

I have recently discovered the oh so precious Dogeared brand at Nordstrom.. They have a few to choose from in store at Nordstrom but TONS more on the retailers website (click below)

I have been wanting a new "everyday" necklace for quite some time but just haven't found the right one, I have my Wax Poetic charm necklace (click below) that I wear often but mainly only when I have on a cute shirt or outfit in general.. And I still want a few new charms and a little jewel to add to this necklace but want something more simple I can wear everyday with t-shirts etc.

So now that you have all that extra info... The point of this post, I want to start collecting a variety of the Dogeared necklace's, they are not cheap so I do not expect to have a "collection" of them anytime soon but you gotta start somewhere right? So who better to start this wonderful collection for me then my lovely fiance?!?! Here's a few idea designs I like that I sent over to him via email today!

This is my fav to get from him with the little diamond in the corner

I like the simplicity of this one... It's also on the same chain that my wax poetic charms are on

I love the sideways look on this one.. I'm such a simple girl but yet sometimes just need a little difference in that simpleness!

This one is on the card "new beginnings" not sure if it is relevant for us but I still love the little heart!
There are tons of differnt categories (hence why I want to start collecting them, I can continue to get some throughout my life) that have really really cute ones and they all come on neat little cards that have a meaning behind them, I'm all about the sentimental gifts!
Here's a few of my other favs:

One of my favorite thoughts is, "its the little things" eek which reminds me I have a few blog posts I need to finish....

I really love this petite little heart.. They also have a "Bridal" section, even though I don't know when exactly.. I will be getting married one day and this little section is oh so perfect!

This little Faith one is just precious to me! I like how the cross sits off the chain

Although I don't have anything wish bone.. Heart's and Wish Bone's are 2 of my favorite symbols!

One other thing I have recently fallen in love with and want to start collecting... But once again they are pricey and I can only wear a few at a time so I can't collect too many...

I love stack-able rings, I have been wanting some every since I first laid eyes on Stella & Dot's cute band set ones a few years ago.. I have been eying Robindira Unsworth's for a little while now but have yet to see them in person!

(click on pic for website)

I am more of a silver person, so I hope she comes out with some more soon although I do love many of the gold ones on the website..
This is the only silver one I see, its a good starter one though ;)

So what do you think? Know anyone that has any of these pieces of jewelry? Have anything you recently started collecting that you just love?

pics used: Dogeared website and Unsworth's website

"12 Days of Christmas" Blog Challenge!

I'm excited to participate in Aly & Molly's First Annual "12 Days of Christmas" blog challenge!
Some of you may have seen this on some other blogs you follow and yes it started last Monday on November 22 but for more than one reason (too busy to commit to blogging everyday, not in the full swing Holiday spirit yet, wanted to gather my thoughts for the various posts) I am not starting till today. So some of my posts (number 2) might not fit with the week after Thanksgiving but I'm OK with that :)

Here's the topics: (silly girls chose 14, they couldn't seem to narrow it down to 12)

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions
Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks
Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received
Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special
Day 6: Gift ideas (what do YOU want? We all have family/friends reading our let them know!)
Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY (If you don't make anything, what do you WISH you could make?)
Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays
Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe
Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles
Day 11: New Year Resolutions
Day 12: Show us your decorations (indoor/outdoor)
Day 13: Favorite Cookie Recipe
Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Be on the lookout tomorrow for Day 1's post!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly 50 Free Holiday Cards Blog

If you know me.. You know I'm ALL about coupons and savings! I rarely order anything online without having some kind of promo code.. So when I saw this blog post on some other blog's I had to jump on the bandwagon and contact Shutterfly (side not, even if I didn't stumble upon this awesome deal, I would still be ordering my Christmas cards from shutterfly this year)

So here's the deal: Contact shutter fly by filling out this form.. They will contact you soon via email with the required info of what you need to do (blog about the giveaway, at least 150 words, promote it, email them back.. and they send you the promo code) Easy enough, right?

I have used Shutterfly on numerous occasions for various events, I have always been very pleased with the customer service, quality of products, variety of products, and also pricing!

This is our Christmas Card I sent out last year (ordered from Shutterfly)

(sorry it's upside down.. It doesn't show up that way when I upload it)

I was very excited a few weeks ago when I received a shutterfly Holiday catalog in the mail for the first year..

(once again, sorry for the upside down pic)

Here's a few of my favorites from Shutterfly's Christmas Cards for 2010:

This is my absolute favorite style, they have other one's like it using diff colors and designs.. But I LOVE the "Top 10 moments in 2010" what a fun way to share with your family and friends what exciting things have gone on the past year with your family! I think this is especially neat if you have little ones who are discovering new things, if you took family vacations, switched jobs, bought a new house etc etc.. With my family, I don't know what I would put as my brother and I are older, but still a top fav!!
*I'm not sure if this one is included in the "50 free" because it's not in the Christmas Card section, its under it's own tab in a sub-category.. just FYI

I love this one cause of the 3 stack and caption between each, so you can briefly include some info about your family but also have plenty of space for pics.. I also like this one (not that you have to do this) how they used self taken pics, not all professional pics...

This is a fav cause I like the colors and how it's kinda short and to the point! I really really like that it says Merry Christmas, It might sound silly but I very seldom purchase anything rather it be a card, home decor, etc. that says Happy Holidays

How fun is this one? I love how you can do a pic for each month, this will be perfect for me in the future with my little family with the unbelievable amount of pics I take each month!

Head over to Shutterfly's website to check out the:
Christmas Cards
and even the Birthday Cards

Now I need your help/thoughts? For my family Christmas card, do I put a pic on it with my fiance and the 4 of us or just my family? Yes he is defiantly a part of our family already but not "officially" I know a lot of people don't see it as a big deal.. But I do, it sometimes bothers me when people include boyfriends/girlfriends etc in their family pics when they aren't officially part of the family, sorry if that sounds mean or harsh...

I hope some of my fellow bloggers take the 15 mins. to do this deal! Every penny saved counts, especially during the Holidays :)


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