Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a thought... Looking for other's input!

Woo for Friday!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful week!
So let me start with my Monday and something that disturbed me. On Monday to wrap up rodeo committee I had to work 8-4, taking down tents, cleaning stuff etc. We were served lunch, while eating I tried to make small talk with one of the ladies on my committee, as I always do with everyone. She was very short with me like she didn't like me or I had done something wrong to her so after lunch I mentioned to this guy on our committee what had happened (he knows her personally, and I felt comfortable telling him) his response was, she's been threw a lot and she's a bitch! Well my heart started racing, I said "Well haven't we ALL" continuing to defend my situation I said just cause she has been threw a lot does not give her any right to be rude to anyone. I'm not saying I am any different than anyone else but if I was to take out what I've been through on other's especially people that I don't even know, I would have NO friends! I personally have been going to therapy for 2 and a half years now (wow can't believe I just reveled that). Does that mean I need to take out my past problems on others?
Anyways I'm over it, I was over it before it even happened. I just wanted to hear some other's input and make sure I'm not wrong in my thinking in this situation?

No big plans this weekend except going on a double date tonight with some of our friends Sean and Rachael, were going to the newly remodeled bowling alley off Bunker Hill (300 Houston) pics to follow :)

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
Remember always thank God!

My 1st Award!

Here are the award rules: List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world are Kreativ!

1. God

2. My Family

3. Brian

4. My Friends, especially my awesome GIRL friends!

5. My river house, or any body of water for that matter!

6. Gracie & Laila

7. Alone time

I will award this to the following bloggers
1. Danielle @ The Lenzs
2. Megan @ livelaughlenz
3. Meredith @ MiscMer
4. Kim(Bailey's Mom) KiminKorea
5. TracyJoy @ TracyJoy Bags
6. Scrapbook @ ScrapbookSisters
7. Laura @ LauraD

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break/Weekend Wrap Up!

Oh how I love my Sundays! I love watching Lifetime and just relaxing around the house doing school work and house work! Oh and normally always uploading new photos :)

Boy am I glad I decided to stop being lazy and bumming around the house as I mentioned in my last post.. Here's a few pics to show what I got up and went and did with some great friends!

Craw fish @ Rajun Cajun with some friends, minus a few people..

Kristen and I with our yummy craw fish!

2 of my BEST friends, Danielle and Megan @ Megan's Bridal Shower

The beautiful bride-to-be in the apron I got her..

My ♥ and I @ mark's bbq (check out my new cross necklace)

Dani and I @ Baker St.

Brian and I getting ready to ride... BURRR!

Brian tearing it up on the water! I LOVE watching him fyi...

I love being able to tell my weekend in pictures rather than font....

Please view my cousin Lory's video on her church web site.. OneLookChallenge..
She is in the purple scarf with short Brown hair! Love her, God continue to Bless her in so many ways!

Until next time,
Have a Blessed Week

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break is flying by, as I knew it would. I have only gotten a few things crossed of the "ideal" list I made of things to do this week. Today I had a great time spending the day with my dear friend Megan and her mom, we laughed, chatted, and also had some intense concentration with wedding ideas and thoughts. Megan's mom wanted me to try on dresses when we went to Megan's dress fitting, I was too embarrassed to and since I've gained weight lately I didn't want my first impression in a dress to be a negative one. Oh and NO I am not getting married if that just kinda made it sound like I'm wedding dress shopping, ha! I'm kind of disappointed with myself, I have been kind of lazy this week and not gone through with some things I said I was going to do or wanted to do like be headed to Gary Allan right now, Keith Urban last night, Scrapbook etc. So I'm taking a stand tonight and making the rest of my spring break a success with going to Pat Green, Working rodeo Committee, going to the river, a craw fish boil, Megan's first shower, and spending Saturday night with some dear friends! Woo I'm excited!

Eating Craw fish in Pearland with Trisha and Od!

OD and Trisha @ our beer and craw fish outting!

Rachel, Emily, and I @ Sam's Boat for St. Patty's Day!

Cheers to St. Patty's Day! Thanks Patrick for the shots!

My ♥ and I @ Sam's Boat with my beer goggles on! ha

Kristen, Jenny, Lauren, and I @ Baker St.

Megan and I @ the dress shop!
So this past Saturday my parents and I had a little adventure... We got ANOTHER dog! Never thought I would see this day in the house with my dad! One of his customers had an ex-girlfriend leave him with the dog (which she abused anyways) and he took care and loved the dog but can't keep the dog due to work travel. He was going to take the dog to the pound and my dad said we would take it. MAN has it been a hectic week in our house, we have a 7 year old weenie dog, Gracie who most of you know is just so spoiled and love able and now we have 3 year old Laila who is scared of everything and just so fragile. Laila is sleeping with me and I have been taking special care of her and feel that Gracie is made at me :(, we took both dogs to the river yesterday so I could put the boat in the water for the summer, that was an adventure poor Laila thought we were moving her to ANOTHER home or something.. I have TRIED to get a picture of the dogs next to eachother but that has not happend often so I have not succeded yet!

Gracie waiting/wondering what we were doing.....

Gracie and Laila sniffing eachother..

Gracie with her new Astros collar, the other Astros one was faded and ready to go!

Laila in her new Rockets collar!

Off to rent a movie from McDonald's Red box for a movie night in!

I hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little did I know....

I put off blogging for several months of being told I should do it, thinking I didn't have anything to talk about. I thought well I'm not planning a wedding and I don't have any kids so what is going to be interesting.. Well little did I know, from the hour after I did my last blog I've been dying to do my next one!
First things first, whats up with the weather? Bring Back The Sun! The past couple weeks has had be in such wakeboard/river mode, its been killing me. As many of you know my river house is my HEAVEN and you know where to find me from about April-October on the weekends.

I have better pics, but here is a quick one of me getting a little air (yes it looks like I'm barely of the water but it feels like your 15 ft off the water)

Here is my little pro wakeboarder! He has only been riding for less than 2 years and is already competing. Speaking of, we need to get some practice in before Texas Round Up at the end of April, we will be camping out with our friends Jeremy and Jamie.

This week as all my weeks have been busy, I started at Bikram Yoga but only made it once this week :(, but I absolutely loved it! I felt great after leaving!
I also met with the Education Director at UH this week about starting up a teacher organization at UHSL, which she was just thrilled about, its right up my alley!
As I discussed in my last post I am supposed to have a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday, well due to weather that has been postponed till the 3rd weekend in April. I have EVERYTHING ready from the clothes, furniture, pricing, signs, tables etc. If anyone has something they wanna throw in my sell, let me know!
So since my sale has been canceled, which I had set my whole weekend aside for. I picked up a shift at the school I substitute teach at tomorrow and also committed to babysitting a new family tomorrow night. We also made plans with a couple of our friends to go see Josh Turner Saturday night and do some rodeo shopping.
On Tuesday my sweet sweet school girlfriends surprised me with a late Birthday celebration lunch. I had such a great time. We went to Cara's house after our morning class and enjoyed some Chicken Spaghetti along with some salad followed by a BIG cupCAKE we then enjoyed 4 hours of laughs and stories before returning to our 4 O'Clock class. THANKS Girls!

I'm so excited about Spring Break next week, even though I only go to school 2 days a week I feel I never have enough time. I have lots of plans for next week.... Rodeo Committee, Celebrating St Patty's Day, Dinner with the Lenz's, Dress fitting and spending the day with Meg and her mom, Going to see my dear friend Trisha's new house, Pat Green, Working with MDA, Dinner with Rachel and Ashley, Megan's First Wedding shower, Whoa and sleeping somewhere in there... Pictures to follow soon...

I look forward to continuing to read your blogs and get more followers :) how do some of you have so many followers? Jealous! ha!
This past week I found a few old friends blogs and a dear friend Monica started a blog! Can't wait to find more!
Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Secret Shopper Give Away.. Swoozie!!!

Check out Ashley's Secret Shopper Give away! Leave her a comment to enter!

I caved....

Several of my closest girlfriends are already bloggin' after a couple months of doing so, I've finally caved to their gestures of telling me I should also. I'm really excited, I tend to not talk about myself when talking to friends and only concerned with what is going on in their lives. I'm hoping this helps me open up more and keep my friends and family informed of my life involvements.
So lets go over a brief overview...

My 24th Birthday was this past week, I pretty much celebrated all week with various lunches and dinners and then my "Get Together" last night. Which I loved every minute of all of it!
Here's a brief overview..

Dinner @ Lupe with some of my grade school girlfriends

My mom and I spent my actual Birthday day @ Reliant Arena shopping the little shops, I got a couple "Texas Rustic" themed items for my future home...

My dear brother could not join us for dinner @ Cheesecake Factory Wed night so we all went out to an early dinner Saturday night to Taste Of Texas

Brian and I then went and had a short visit at my "big sis's" engagement party!

My Future Teacher school girlfriends!

My dear girlfriends who I am so thankful for!

Finalizing the 24th Birthday Celebration with a bottle of Champagne my dear friend Anand bought.

*I am currently extremely busy as most of you know I like to keep myself. I am substitute teaching at a couple private schools here in Sugar Land, PS I LOVE it!!!!
*I am in the HISD doing field experience hours every week!
After wanting to join a rodeo committee since I was 18, I finally did it! It was real last minute and *I haven't regretted it since, I have already met some awesome people and look forward to doing it in the years to come.
*I am having a garage sale next weekend, yes a garage sale..... I know sounds kinda country bumpkin but my parents and I over the past couple months have been doing some major cleaning and just had to do it! I will be having it at Brian's dad's house in Memorial, we are not allowed to have garage sales in Sugar Creek. We were going to have it at my dad's storage facility but worried all his customers would want to do the same and it would just be chaos. Check out these super cute signs I found, but didn't buy.. figured it was a waste of money!

She makes signs for everything, check out her site and bookmark it for the future!
*My brother and about 10 of his grade school friends formed a softball team, Brian also joined. That just started back up so I am attending those games twice a week as I have been named the "Team Photographer" and "Team Mom"

*I am greatly looking forward to spring break, even thought I only go to class 2 days a week, I feel I don't get to visit with my friends enough, during spring break I am looking forward to shopping with one of my best friends Megan, getting some dinner's with girlfriends, and also attending the rodeo to see Gary Allan and Pat Green followed by an eventful weekend with Megan's first shower and a craw fish boil.
OK I think I have caught all of you up on plenty to take in for now, I think I am already addicted! I look forward to all of you reading my first blog and continuing to follow yours!
God Bless Always,
With Love!


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