Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I'll have to admit, I get kind of sad on the weekends when it comes to the blogging world.. I normally wake up to a couple new posts to read, but on weekends not so much!

So I wanted to blog yesterday but couldn't fine the strength nor really the time. Yesterday was a hard day for my family, 6 years ago yesterday my brother was involved in a horrible motor cycle accident on the campus of Baylor in Waco, Texas. I am not going to go into detail of all the things we went threw but I'll just say they pronounced him dead on the scene, the paramedic said no, I finally got a needle in him to do cpr, I'm taking him to the hospital..
We were told he had a 3% chance of surviving. Yes 3!
After numerous surgeries, scares, cry's, hospitals, friends and family visiting, doctors, sleepless nights, emails, plus 6 years... Here we are today!
My brother beat that 3% like a champ! He still has several issues today and faces new challenges EVERYDAY but he's alive and we are so Thankful for that!
My friend Danielle told me yesterday (as I was having a break down and she was texting me)
I need to celebrate that he is here rather than look at yesterday as the anniversary of his accident.
So from here on out that is how I am going to look at it, yes I may still cry when I think of things of hear a song but I'll try my best to think happy thoughts!

So enough of the sadness now that I'm balling again ;)

So proud of this family! We've come so far!

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!!

I will be spending the day shopping with Rachael and the evening carving pumpkins and passing out candy with Megan!

Off to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!

Lots of pics to come!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts...

How fun would this be if all you lovely ladies participated? I know it may be hard with our busy lives, but what if we all try to post just a little something every day in November?

*Almost November, what? Wow time flies!

*Only 4 weeks left of this crazy semester for me!

*Looking forward to an eventful weekend.. Friday I take my PPR State Exam at 9 am, say a prayer please! Then I meet for a group project then I will be going to UH Orchestra for extra credit for my music class..
Saturday night we are headed over to Megan and Jonathan's to pass out candy and maybe head to a Halloween/Stock the Bar Party after!
Sunday church event in the AM then headed to Dewberry Farms for some fun in the corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay ride and oh so much more.. Then home to do school work of course!

*I'm honored that my God Sister aka big sis asked me to do a reading at her Wedding on Nov 14th.. I need to practice for that :)

*Camping was a success last weekend, I'm ready to go again!

That's it for this week's Thursday Thoughts! Off to run some errands..

Don't forget to enter my "Fall Package Giveaway"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Will Grace: #20

I look forward to reading Good Will Grace everyday and what her tip for the day is.
Go check out her blog, become a follower and I assure you she will help brighten your day's!

Also don't forget about my "Fall Package" giveaway!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Longg post...

Sorry ahead of time ladies, I have a lot to say and show today! First I want to start off with a "Sunday Worship" since I have not done this in several weeks. I want to share this video, I am in love with this song! I tried to directly put the video on my page but don't know how to save it to my comp. Please take the time to check it out

Point Of Grace

As promised from last week here are a few pics of the NEW and IMPROVED Houston Children Museum! This is only 1 little section I was able to snap some pics on my bb

It's amazing what kids can learn these days before "Growing Up" I'll be blogging more about my Internship @ the Museum in later posts!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and entries to my Giveaway so far!

I need some Grad's opinons.. I only have 1 semester left but I am Still debating on getting a class ring.. No I have not worn my High School ring since the day after Graduation but I think College is differnt? Sooo the question is to get one or not??

Also any education majors out there have any tips for me for the PPR?

I'll leave it at ALL that for now!
May post again later!

Comments are greatly appreciated for advice and tips.... :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Giveaway! "Fall Package"

With the Holidays fastly approaching what better way to start than having a Giveaway! You know they say it is better to give than receive :)
It's been a long rough week and I'm so excited for it to be Friday and this is officially my 60th post!
SO here's what you COULD win....

A Fall Candle to make your house smell like the pretty leaves falling outside (well not here in Texas)

Chris Tomlin's new Christmas CD to help remember the reason for the season and also get you in that wonderful Christmas mood...

And the other few items are a surprise.. Let's just call if the "Fall Package"


1. Become a Follower

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And don't worry ladies, if you don't have a blog you can still enter to win. Just comment and leave your name and email address.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday, November 1st
and the WINNER will be announced by the 3rd!
Good Luck!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts!

Good Morning to all my fellow bloggers!
Man has this been a crazy week, had so much go on and so much on my mind!

*Seems as though I can't ever win, no matter how hard I try, Its ALWAYS something going wrong!!!!

I'm so excited for Waketoberfest this weekend with Rachael and Sean! Rach and I are gonna look at LOTS of wedding magazines to get ideas for her wedding in 177 days and we are going to carve pumpkins! And its my first REAL camping experience!

*Started with the trainer this week, umm all I am going to say is I can't even get off the toilet sorry for the tmi but that's how sore I am, I fell getting up the other day, ha!

*I've been doing a little too much shopping on my spare time lately.. Already got some Christmas gifts, winter clothes, and more stuff I probably don't need..

*There is only 5 weeks left of school for the semester then 1 more and I'm done!!!!!

*This week has been the craziest week of my life, leaving my house at 7AM and not returnig some days till 9pm!

*I am doing an Internship at the Children's Musem in town! LOVE it! I got a access key to the WHOLE building... They just re did it, I will take some pics tonight and show you ladies some amazing things they have for kids now!

*I can't belive next weekend is already Halloween! And Sunday we will be going to Dewberry Farms to start off the Fall November!

*I officaly have 40 followers and almost 60 blog post so I will be going a give away next week.. Have to think of something, any ideas?

*That's enough about my life for now, I'm off to read about some of you lovely ladies!

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Oh and I just found out Chris Tomlin is coming to town Dec 19th to introduce his Christmas CD!! I am so so exicted, I hope I can find someone to go with me....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishful Wed.. Vaca

'I wish' .... I was going on vacation tomorrow, and I would want to go to Hawii!

My dream vaca has always been Hawii.. My mom is dying to go but we just can't seem to get m dad to do the LONG flight over there! He'll go anywhere in the US or on a boat but he hates plans (like father like daughter)
My mom was hoping this next year (2011) we could finally go to celebrate their 35th Anniversary, Brother's 30th Bday, and My 25th Birthday!
But instead Jan 9th were headed to St. Marteen, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. Which I am not complaining one bit!!!!

The bf has been to Hawii 5 times and LOVES it, he says that's where were going for our Honeymoon (when the time comes)!

Be looking for my Thursday Thoughts fellow bloggers, got a lot to say!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Re~Cap

First things first.. How bout them Longhorns?!?!?
This weekend was filled with lots of relaxation!
Friday I ran a bunch of errands as I waited for the bf to get off work, once he got off we headed to the river house where my parents were awating our arrival, we just watched some tv and I headed up to bed as he fished.
Brian and I representin' our UT and UH Bait & Tackle Shop Shirts!

Saturday we woke up early to head out to the pier and fish, as usual I did not get any keepers and Brian walked away with this NICE 25" FAT Red Fish
We left Saturday afternoon to head back so we could attend Church this morning, on the way home we ate some yummy Escalantes followed with just some tv and internet time Saturday night

We wanted to make sure to attend Church this morning, Brian's mom has been working with some of the girls on a praise dance song for a couple months now and we did not want to miss it!
Judy leading the girls in the worship song

After church we headed over to Megan and Jonathan's for some oh so yummy pancakes, biscuits, and bacon!
Megan and I (her in her "Baking" Apron I got her for one of her shower's)

I know it may sound like a boring weekend but to be honest, I very much enjoyed it and wouldn't of had it any other way, ha!
The next 2-3 months are weekend PACKED!

Things I'm looking forward to:

Trisha's Shower
Lindsey's Wedding weekend in Seguin
Sugar Plum Market
Nutcracker Market
Zac Brown Band
Thanksgiving in Dallas (any Dallas blog friends wanna meet for lunch/coffee)
Uh vs Rice game
Casa De Home Tour with Mrs. Megan
And most wouldn't consider this fun, but... Starting with my personal trainer tomorrow Melanie!

Sorry I missed Thursdays Thoughts this week!
Hope to make it this week!
Hope everyone has a great work/school/whatever you do/ Week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Team DB Stride and Ride

Who: Team DB
What: It is definitely not a health walk! It is a short lap around Katy Mills Mall. Teams are treated to great snacks, good music to "warm up", get team pictures taken, "The Victory Lap" around the mall and the fun goes on and on.
When: March 27, 2010
Registration begins at 8AM
Stretches and Victory Lap begin at 9AM
Where: Katy Mills Mall or The Woodlands Mall
How: It is easy! Each member's goal is to raise minutes of research for MDA families. Did you know it costs $85 to fund ONE minute of research for MDA! There is not limit to how many minutes your team can raise. Our goal is $100 per person, but anything is greatly appreciated!
Why: We need to find a cure! All of the money raised at the walks help support MDA's valuable programs. We are able to continue to fund out local MDA clinics, help provide equipment, send kids to MDA Summer Camp, and most importantly support our researchers.

Most importantly~ it is easy, fun, and helps so many people!

Last year Team DB raised over $500 last year and this year we hope to get shirts made!

You can raise money through creating your own web page and sending your friends, co-workers, and family members the link. (I will provide all the info for this)
Or you can just collect cash and checks as you can and I will send you the form to fill out and keep money in.
I can also get you a Tax Deductible form for anyone who may want one.

Please email or call me with any questions and if you are interested in participating!

Thank You Dearly,

The ************ Family

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wednesday.. Talent!!

'I wish' .... I had one particular talent, and it would be to
be athletic

*I enjoy working out...
*I wakeboard my little heart out!
*I can swim laps...

But yet I feel that I am not athletic!
*I did gymnastics, karate, softball, and cheerleading when I was little but did not stick with any..
* I played volleyball in 7th and 8th grade but did not continue into high school...

I want to be athletic so I can do things like:
*YOGA/ specifically hott yoga! It's amazing what some of those people can do in that room!
*Be better at wakeboarding, be able to ride longer
*Be a runner!
*Do a triathlon

I'll continue to TRY to be more athletic...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over The Top Award!

I received this awesome reward from one amazing lady and best friends of mine. Danielle over @ Chris and Danielle Lenz

To accept I must answer these questions and spread the love to 7 fabulous bloggers!

1. Where is your cell phone: in front of me
2. Your hair: in a ponytail with a head band (just worked out)
3. Your mother: at home probably headed to the gym soon
4. Your father: at one of the storage's
5. Your favorite food: Fajitas, Spaghetti, and Cheesecake!
6. Your dream from last night: HA! I leave this one blank.. has to do with the past.....
7. Your favorite drink: Cherry Coke, but now WATER
8. Your dream/goal: to be an amazing wife, wonderful mother, and outstanding teacher
9. What room are you in: computer lab at school, class normally starts @ 9, I missed the memo we don't start till 11 today.. OOPS!
10. What is your hobby: Scrapbooking, taking pics, wakeboarding, fishing, shopping, wedding planning..
11. What is your fear: not being successful in the things above that are my goals
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Wife, Mother to some babies, Teacher to lots of kids, Loving daughter and wonderful sister!
13. Where were you last night: At dinner with Ms. Lindsey Jan (we were way over due)
14. Something you are not: perfect
15. Muffins: blueberry
16. Wish List items.: debating...class ring? Opinions?
17. Where did you grow up: Sugar Land, Texas
18. Last thing you did: Drove to main campus
19. What are you wearing: work out cloths
20. Your TV: at home, normally on TLC or Lifetime
21. Your pets: Gracie, 7 year old weenie dog, Laila, 4 yr old weenie dog we rescued in February
22. Your friends: THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. Your life: Beyond Blessed!
24. Your mood: Normal, ha idk! Happy :)
25. Missing someone: My bf, our schedules are so busy.. And lots of old friends.....
26. Vehicle: Acura 3.2Cl
27. Something your not wearing: jewelry.. I miss my rings and watch, forgot them at home before work out!
28. Your favorite store: Target, Nordstrom, Franceacas, Arden B...
29. Your favorite color: purple
30. When's the last time you laughed: this morning on the phone with my ♥
31. When's the last time you cried:teared up: last night with Lin and when I read what Rachael wrote about me on her wedding page!
32. Your best friend: amazing, trusting, God lover, Beautiful, Fun, Creative, oh so much more!
33. One place you go over and over: Target and Lupe Tortilla
34. One person who emails me regularly: Danielle Lenz
35. Favorite place to eat?:Lupe

Now I pass it on to these lovely bloggers!!
2. Heather @ Small Town Girl
4. Amanda @ The Ekelands
5. Meredith @ The Tichenor Family
6. Megan @ Live Laugh Lenz
7. Stephanie @ The Mrs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

On my mind!

In regards to my post a couple weeks back about Cause Awareness Ribbons....
(which by the way, thank you for those of you who left postiive comments about)
So I was doing some more research into the "Dark Green" ribbon that I mentioned for Mitchondrial Myopthay for the form of MD disease my brother has, well after doing some research I found out that is also the SAME ribbon color for Traumatic Brain Injury which my brother also suffers from, how weird is this? So you better believe I will be ordering lots of green ribbon items and always wearing my green wrist band.. Kinda freaked me out but made my cry at the same time!

On a positive note! I met with the head personal trainer at the gym today and will be starting with a personal trainer 3 days a week starting next week! It is going to be hard and costly, but I'm determined to loose this weight I have put on in the past year and I really feel having someone to push me to workout will help me do this!

Also.. What do you ladies think of these clothing items...?
Love this dress for the cruise in Jan.. Just looks super short, eek!

This jacket is from Francesca's! I'm also looking for one similar to it in Ivory, if anyone see's one let me know!

Leggings and boots? :)

Sweater from Kohls

That's it for now..
Until next time!
Hope all my fellow blogger's have a GREAT Monday and rest of the week!


Make sure to check out some of the fabalous giveaways going on right now!

♥ The wonderful Blissfully Enamored is doing a give away from a great etsy shop...
Amy Cornwell Designs
Go to her blog and follow the steps to win! Here's a glimpse at what you could win

How cute would this be with a "B" on it for my Beau Brian!

♥ Meredith over at The Tichenor Family is doing a FUN giveaway of some random Target purchases she made. Who doesn't love target stuff, especially the $1 section..

♥ My dear friend Danielle over at Chris and Danielle Lenz is giving away a oh so cute apron, here's one you could win..
And last but not least...

♥ The awesome Kelsey over at The Seattle Smith's is also doing a give away of anything you like from this wonderful blown glass store on etsy!

Go follow any of these ladies and enter their giveaways!
I hope to win one someday..... ha!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Show us your life... Tailgating & Teams

I love participating in some of my fellow blogger friends daily fun activites.. Today is!
From the lovely Kelly's Korner
Tailgating and Teams...
I only have pics on my computer from the past 3 football seasons, so lets see what I can come up with!
First I must represent my University of Houston Coogs!

Sept 2007 before heading to the UH Homecoming game!

A few of my girlfriends @ the same game in their cute shirts they made!
Only one that blogs is Heather, make sure to check her blog out :)


Shasta at the 2008 Homecoming Pep Rally!

Heather and I with our Camo UH hats with our initial rhinestoned on the side

Kelli and I had a little too much fun with these things!

The Beau and I @ a game!

Unfortuntaly I haven't made it to any games this season, for as much as I love football :(
But I hosted a Tailgate shower... So here's a few pics from that!

Hopefully I can convince Kelly to do a "Show us your life..Concerts" then I'd have TONS of pics!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thoughts..

*October and its almost 90 degrees.. Really?
*Excited for the weekend, Wedding appointments on Saturday with Rachael then headed to dinner and a haunted house with our Beaus! Sunday church and to walk the Bayou City Art Festival with my Love!
*Thanks for the positive/sweet comments in regards to my "Cause Awareness Ribbons" post
*I don't have much to say so I'm just gonna ramble today!
*I missed "Wishful Wednesday" this week :(
*Mom and I went shopping yesterday and today....EEEK!
Got a cute pair of new brown Steve Madden boots, but I can't find the pic online.. I'll have to take one later and post..
*So I think I have decided to be a Sailor girl for Halloween. I do not have the body to wear this Sailor costume again......

Sooo I think I'm going to throw together a blue dress, rope belt, anchor necklace, sailor hat, and red tights... Any thoughts or ideas?
*Make sure to check out one of best friends (Danielle) blogs for her fabulous apron give away!
*Not much more to say so I'll leave you with some recent pics..

The ladies of the bachlorette weekend, minus Tiffany and Kelly!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Off to shop online..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cause Awarness Ribbons

Every year I support Breast Cancer Awarness Month by participating in the Susan G Koman race for a cure and also by doing other volunteer work.

Let me say, I am not being negative or selfish at all, I just want to make a point......

I'm so thankful for all the attention October gets for being "Pink" month, but what about all the other causes and awareness for diseases.

I specfically want to point out my brothers disease.
He has a form of Muscular Distrophy.
His particular diagnoses is Mitochondrial Myopathy.
Which I often wear my ribbon and also my wrist band to represent.
This particular ribbon also represents.......

Bipolar Disorder

Bone Marrow Donation

Cerebral Palsy

Childhood Depression



Eye Injury Prevention

Fanconi's Syndrome

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva



Growth and Rebuilding

Kidney Cancer

Kidney Disease

Kidney Donation

(alternate color: Orange)


Living Organ Donation

Manic Depression

Mental Health

Mental Illness
(alternate color: Gray)

Mental Retardation

Missing Children
(alternate color: Yellow)

Mitochondrial Disease

Nephrotic Syndrome

Neural Tube Defects
(green for folic acid)


Organ Donation

Organ Transplant

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Safe Driving

Save Darfur

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Research

Stem Cell Donor

Stem Cell Research

Tissue Donation

Tourette's Syndrome

Traumatic Brain Injury

Von Hippel Lindau

Worker Safety

So I guess what I'm asking is...
Please remember all the other causes and organizations out there that need money for funding's.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Outlet Steals

After a long week of school work and strees I decided to head to the new outlets off 290 in Houston, on Friday... I went with a few purchases in mind.....
*Aldo Boots
*Columbia fishing shirts for the Beau
*Burberry Scarf
*Maybe something from BCBG

I left with!

My PINK Burberry scarf that I've been dying to get every since I saw it on Kelsey over at "The Seattle Smiths"
Might I add... I paid LESS than HALF the original price, gotta love outlets :)

Last Fall I wanted this BCBG dress so bad, but was not going to pay $360 for it...

But sure I'll pay 89 BUCKS FOR IT!!!!!

I plan to wear it on a "Semi-Formal" night on the Cruise in Janurary!

Also walked away with
*A pair of Roxy Skinny jeans for 14.99
*Roxy Hoodies for 24.99
*Roxy shirt for mom 9.99
If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE my surfer clothes, as much as I love my girly designer stuff, I can rock Hurley and Roxy any day!

Scarf Swap

Thanks to my friend Megan's beautiful Wedding Party, I met Miss. Meredith!

With Fall coming upon us and all the lovely followers on Mer's blog, she decided to do a scarf swap that 32 women participated in.. Here's how it worked..
1. You had to be a follwer of Mer's blog, and let her know you wanted to participate
2. After she has all the names and email addresses, she matched each woman with a partner
3. I contacted my partner Abby and got her address and asked about her style and colors she wore.. She said she literally owned 1 scarf..So I wanted to start her off with a basic one..
4. Headed out on a mission to find the perfect scarf for under $15!
5. I got Abby's scarf @ Target, I got her a ivory plain scarf that she could wear with ANYTHING to help her start her scarf collection, I do not have a pic...

Abby sent me 2 wonderful scarfs from forever 21 along with a sweet card!

I can't wait till it gets a little cooler so I can wear my scarfs with a nice little black top....

Thanks Abby

And thanks Mer for putting this together, I look forward to the Ornament Swap!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


How fun would it be to have a BYOP(Bring Your Own Pumpkin) carving party???

And GO COOGS!!! #12 WHOOO!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!


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