Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Fall... Weekend Re~Cap!

Yes I'm from Texas, and I say y'all!

So it is National Bloggers Month
I am going to ATTEMPT to participate!

I am also going to put 1 think I am Thankful for the whole month of November leading up to THANKSgiving!

Weekend ReCap:
Friday night I attended an Orchestra performance at UH for my Music for Children's class (I get 5 extra points :))

Saturday AM headed to the gym with my mom and Rachael, we did a work out class with my trainer Melanie. Whoa was it killer!
Us 3 then had lunch @ Cafe Express and Rachael and I went on to shop at Swoozies, Charming Charlie, Home Good, Went to her appointment @ David's Bridal for her to show me her 1 last option (we picked out her dress :)) then headed to the mall and did some damage... I got a couple fabulous sweaters from New York and Company
I got this light gray tunic to wear with some purple tights and black boots..

I also got a red (this looks maroon) to possibly wear on Christmas

I REALLY wanted this sweater that I saw online, but they did not have it in the store yet.. may be going back to purchase? Opinions on the sweater?

Sat afternoon Brian and I headed over to Megan and Jonathans for dinner and Trick Or Treating!
We grilled fish, corn, and shrimp, also had some amazing Chicken Cream Cheese dip Megan made and some oh so yummy cookies my mom home made for us yesterday! She's such a sweet lady!
After dinner we headed out to the drive way with a huge bucket of candy, a bench, and a lamp (yes I said lamp, ha!)
We eventually ended up with a blanket and hot coco as well
Megan and I waiting on some kiddos..

I ♥ him so much, even though he ruins my pics sometimes, ha!

The BF showing my his grill and attempting to be ghetto...

JJ and B playing pencil break with our Halloween pencils.. Look at those smiles :)

I hope evveryone had a Happy Halloween and a Wonderful Sunday!

*To start off my daily Thankful, I am Thankful for my Mother and Father


The Mrs. said...

as soon as i saw that last pic i was thinking i need to visit NY&Co. to get one for myself! i LOVE it! i love them all, but thats probably my fave.

oh, and i just might steal your thankful one a day idea for November... great idea!

Annie said...

looks like ya'll had a great halloween!! love the grills ;)
i am going to check out NY&CO online right now! i need some sweaters!! totally forgot about that store. can you tell i never go to the mall....sad, i know.
good luck posting every day in nov! that would be hard for me!! love that you are posting what you are thankful for as well, so sweet.

Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

I think I might try to participate in the 30 blogs in 30 days too...hope I can do it.


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