Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2 of Blog Month: Wedding Ideas

Today is my 2nd day of
Not sure what to blog about today....

I think I'll share some wedding ideas I LoVe!
*Special personalized cards to ask your Bridemaids to be a part of your big day!

*How cute are these save the dates?!?!

*The boyfriend and I love all things Rustic... We've talked about incorporating it in our wedding one day, this tin bucket would be cute to use!

*My dream is to have a photo booth!

*Love the chair letters!

*Would this not make the cutest dress pics?

*Perfect for your Thank You cards!

That's it for today! I need to come up with some creative blog posts so you ladies don't get bored the next month!

*I am Thankful for... My Brother's Life


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I love those hangers and was thinking about getting one for myself, but the name will be covered up by the dress when you hang it.

Annie said...

i think photo booths are such a fun idea!! my bestie had one at her wedding ;)
the thank you card idea is cute too!!

pocket full of pink said...

I loveee that you're doing the blog challenge!! Can't wait to read all of your posts! Awesome wedding ideas. The hanger is too cute!

Joanna Noel said...

LOVE the ideas! I totally love getting wedding ideas even tough I do not even have a guy in my life right now..still fun!!

The Sturgeon's Story said...

I love all of your wedding ideas... the chair letters are so cute. Briscoe Manor would be a perfect backdrop for all of your ideas! I too am trying to post every day of November.... we shall see.

Christin said...

1. Glad you got your package!
2. I sent personalized notes to my bridesmaids and they loved it. I ordered some blank cards online that had a three-dimensional dress on the front and "Will you be my bridesmaid?"
3. Love the chair letters (I love anything black and white).
4. I really like the thank you... I will say that my parents got one similar to that a few months ago from a girl I know and they were a little put off by it because she didn't write anything personal on the card. It just had the picture and "thank you." But if you wrote a note on each one, that would be nice! Just a thought :)

The Mrs. said...

I love that hanger! Cute idea! We did something similar for thank you cards... but it was just a picture of us in the Bahamas that I attached to the cards. We had a "honeymoon fund" setup instead of regular gifts (we had everything we needed for our house) so people were really "gifting us" with a honeymoon. I thought a picture of it would be appropriate for a thank you! :)

Sarah said...

we went to a wedding this summer that did the same thing for there Thank you cards

Lindsey said... need to plan my wedding for me, yes?! Thanks for offering. ;)


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