Sunday, November 8, 2009

Personal Christmas Touch, Thankful 10

So Brian and I won't be exchanging gifts this year due to the debt we will be in with our cruise Janurary 9th 2010 but I wanted to make him something from the heart..

I got a precious idea from Catalog of Love to make a "Card Catalog" like the card catalogs we used to use in libraries to search for a book..
Here's a few pics she posted on her blog

As the catalog # you put a date and then of course a title and a short summary or story of why that day is significant to you and your ♥

To top it off she also shared a website that makes them for you, how much better can it get?

After searching high and low (trying to avoid spending a lot of $) I found this box on ebay, the box is from the 1920's!
So here is where you come into play, I need opinions..

Should I paint it a pretty color or leave it antique looking?

Any ideas of dates that would be cute to use besides the expected?

Any other thoughts or ideas?

Thankful 10: All America's Veterans


The Mrs. said...

Ohh what a CUTE idea! I say leave the box as it is! Special dates that come to mind are first kiss, first date, the day you knew you "fell in love", any other special day you really enjoyed together, a particularly hard day you went through together... so many ideas! :)

Joanna Noel said... leave it as it is! It looks amazing that way plus its value is so much more like it is too! Love the idea..its really cute :)

kate said...

Def leave the box as would look great in an office one day on a bookcase or something....great idea Brian will LOVE it :)

The Sturgeon's Story said...

What a great idea! The dates that I would do for my husband would be the first time we said "I love you', the days we graduated high school and college, first Christmas together, first birthdays together..... hope that helps.


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