Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and Thankful: 5

*I want a new "Thursday Thoughts" logo, any ideas?

*Another crazy week done, as me and the girls in class were saying yesterday, "Week 11, November 4th" ha we were just being silly!

*Blogging everyday has been fun (minus Tuesday, please forgive me)

*I'm ready to start Christmas shopping!!! I already got my list of people and ideal gifts :)

*Finally a weekend with no plans, except the funeral on Saturday :(

*Me and my school girls decided to do an Ornament exchange/dinner this year! Made the evite last night, super excited!

* I want to make something for Brian that's homemade and sentimental for Christmas like a book or box or something.. Any ideas?

Thankful # 5: I am extremely Thankful for my wonderful girlfriends!


kate said...

I love love love homemade gifts, when I look back at my relationship it's sometimes hard to remember what gifts we got each other but I always remember the homemade ones...for an anniversary one year Matt wrote me a list of 101 reasons why he loves me, this was years ago and I still pull it out every now and then and tear up every time. You always make a list for Brian in addition to a gift...everyone likes to be remind why they are so wonderful to you :)

kate said...

wow i just noticed how many spelling and gramatical errors are in my comment...sorry im not on my regular computer and this keyboard is funky

pocket full of pink said...

Ooohh I'll be on the lookout for some cute homemade gift ideas for your boy! There are TONS of online sources for making awesome scrap books, etc. SO funny that you mentioned the sale below, I posted about it too, just now! I hope you have an amazing weekend! I am SO sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet friend, I hope you enjoy time together remembering him on Saturday.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I need to start getting on my Christmas shopping too!! I love shopping for others, but I'm on a budget this year so it's going to be a little more tough :)

Have a great weekend!

Abby Kreck said...

Blogging everyday gets a little hard doesn't it?! I find myself at a loss for words HA! The table over my bed is on wheels. Its just a big giant piece of furniture that you can pull up to the head of the bed or push down to the foot. Its great for eating on, working on the computer etc... My friends call it my giant TV tray!


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