Friday, November 6, 2009

Roses and Throns

I saw this over on another blog and just had to copy it!
*My cousin Kristi got engaged to her wonderful fiance Aaron tonight, I am so so excited and ready to start planning tomorrow! ha! She deserves all the happiness in the world!
*I have to tell you about my dad, I am so so proud of him!
So my dad has been over weight his WHOLE life, literally since he was a baby. He has said that his mom used to literally stuff cake down his throat (ok not literally but you know...) she liked him being chunky, thought it was cute! So last November my Dad decided that was it, he was going cold turkey and eating healthy and walking at night (he is up to 10 miles a day now) He has now lost 60+ pounds, he looks great, feels great, and just is great!
This is my Daddy opening his watch Christmas 2007

This is my Daddy August 2009 in Vegas!

Congrats to my Daddy for achieving his goal, he deserves it!

*Went to Sugar Plum Market today that was mentioned in my last post... Not as successful as intended.. Only purchased 3 candles (1 for stephanie over @ The Mrs.) and a picture frame for Brian's mom for Christmas! So looking forward to Nutcracker Market next weekend for the other items I planned on purchasing today...

* My family will be attending Mr. Brooks service tomorrow, the family friend I mentioned in a previous post this week.. not looking forward to that :(
*Please go check out Noah's Christmas Facebook page.. It WILL make you cry but worth it, I went and bought him a card today, it will go in the mail tomorrow!

*Prayers for all the victims and their families at Ft. Hood

Now that I'm full of tears, I think I will end at that!

Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

Thankful #6: Our troops!


Annie said...

that is awesome about your dad hun! good for him!

i'm about to make a card for noah! :)

hope you have a great weekend hun!! XO

The Mrs. said...

woohoo! :) can't wait to get the candle.

good pick for #6 ;)


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