Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fit Point and Thankful 7

Since I recently started working out more and started with my trainer, I decided to take advantage of some of my gyms free things, so I did my "Fit Point". As I susspected I am not exactly where I want to be :(
here is everything it measures...

Height: 5"3
Cardiovascular: 32.0 = POOR 36.65-39.52 is good, 39.53-44.14 is excellent
Bicep Strength: 41= Average, 29-58 is average, 59-75 is good
Sit and Reach: 12.2 POOR, 12.7-14.5 fair, 14.6-15.8 average, 15.9-18.7 good
Body Composition: 31.8 Overweight :( 29.1-33.0 is over weight, 23.1-29.0 Moderate, 18.1-23.0 is Good (this is my goal within 2 months)
Overall Fitness: 37.5 Fair, 21-40 Fair, 41-60 is Average, 61-80 is Good

So my Age is 24
Body Age 31 eeeeekkkk!!!
Obtainable Body Age 18 :) I can do it!

I found this very helpful to do before I started my hard training to help me see how far I have come in a couple months, I look forward to doing it again!

You should def look into if your gym does this...

Thankful #7: All the time and effort people volunteer at their local church. I really enjoy playing dodge ball with the kids on Wed. and also teaching Bible study, I was very nervous to teach bible study, feeling like I do not know enough about the bible but it has really taught me a lot and brings joy to my heart every time those kids walk in my door


Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

Good for you for working out:) I really need to get back into the groove of working out... I haven't been very good since the wedding. Scott just started going back to the gym... he says that I'm a bad influence :o)

♥ H ♥ said...

I did the thing online for WW before I started and it told me I was obese!! lol! Just stick to it lady and you can do it :) If you ever wanna go to a WW meeting, I go saturday mornings for my weigh in. It really helps plus having a buddy works too!!

I love that you're teaching bible study! That is awesome Jenn!! Can't wait to see ya WednesdaY!!

The Mrs. said...

you can do it :) also, don't rely totally on the 'stats' or even the scale... but with how you feel and how your clothes fit.

hope you had a good weekend :)

The Mrs. said...

HAHA that's funny cuz my husband had never seen one before either. My parents have had it since I was a kid! You put kernels in it and it heats up and blows the hot air around and pops the corn then comes out the top! :)

Abby Kreck said...

Super cool! What gym do you go to? I wonder if 24 hour fitness does that? I'm sure my fitness age is 40! HA!


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