Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday #28: BD- My Love!

I'm not one to be too cheesy and all lovey dovey on my blog...
But I'm due for a Thankful Thursday update and well today just deserves this one :)

Thankful Thursday #28 is for my lovely fiance , BD!

Today we celebrate 4 years of dating! I realize more and more every week how much I appreciate him and his patience with my never-ending fast paced lifestyle that I enjoy living (not that he is one to just sit around, but I"m always on the go..)

Thanks to a family I'm super close with, we are able to celebrate our Anniversary together in style again on a budget friendly trip (aka no room and board, just food and fun is on us.)

Here is last years pre-celebration post,basically doing the same thing just adding some extras in!

Here is last years 3 year celebration post!

I was up for just hanging out with friends this weekend or even going fishing with my parents, but I'm so glad BD suggested we go spend some time togehter. Were together every weekend but seldom ever alone, so this quality time is much over due!!!

I'll leave you with a recent picture my mom snapped of us having a moment on the boat!

(sorry for the bathing suit pic, I don't like doing that.. But this picture makes my heart happy)

Hopefully next year at this time we will be celebrating a few months marriage anniversary rather than a dating anniversary!


Anonymous said...

i have been dating my very best friend for 40 yrs. as of june 18th and married to the love of my life for 34 years as of october 29th.
i hope you two have as much fun, love and happiness as we have had.
along with the good is also the bad. if you have each other, you can get through it.
it is ok to have different likes and dislikes throughout the years as long as you "like and love" each other more than anyone or anything else.
i wish you many more years of friendship, fun and love with each other!
katie's friend terry :)

Happy Healthy Runner said...

LOVE YALL, LOVE THAT PIC. Happy anniversary!!


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