Monday, July 11, 2011

TOMS Wedges

Happy Monday my lovely blog readers!!

I've been eyeing/wanting a pair of the TOM Wedges since I 'heard' they were even going to be making them (probably for a year and half now.)

I have stalked them out online, Nordstrom, and Sun & Ski Sports on various occasions but continued to fight the urge..
While on the Strand in Galveston this weekend with BD, I slipped a pair on just to kill the curious cat anddd I'm SOLD, well not yet because they did not have the color I would like to have but I think I am going to treat myself to a pair now! Just as I heard and as are my TOMS shoes, they are SUPER comfortable!!!
I do not dress up often nor do I ever really wear heels.. Even though Summer is half over I feel that I can be a little more dressed up feeling sometimes with the TOMS wedges :)

These are prob my FAV pair...

I really like these, very clean, simple look but I can't decide if they are too summery...

But I'm leaning towards buying these for more practical reasoning- I can wear them this Summer, into the Fall, in the classroom, etc etc..

So what do you think ladies, the Linen Pinstripe or the Black canvas?


Lindsey said...

Jenn - I just bought the black canvas ones with the straw/tan bottoms and LOVE them. I think the black wedges with the black soles are a little "dark"... I also love those other colors but the black can transition really well! GO FOR IT! Also, they are as comfortable as they say!

katiedid said...

I have the black on black (that is all they had last year) and I think they are precious. They are definitely a little more "fallish." Get you some sweet thing!

Kerbi said...

I love the 2nd linen pine stripe pair!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I for sure like the black ones!


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