Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrating 3 years!

The fiance and I are gonna celebrate 3 years together this weekend! Our official "anniversary" date isn't till July 7th but the next couple weekends are busy for the both of us and we technically "talked/dated" for about 2 months before we were official, so at this point 3 years ago we were already a part of each others lives!

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy, stressful, emotional, and just kinda bleh so I'm really excited to get away and "attempt" to relax, I'm high strung and always on the go, so relaxing isn't in my vocabulary often..

So the family I babysit told me anytime I wanted to use their condo high rise in Galveston that I was welcome to, so what better time to use it! We would love to get away to Austin (our fav city) but $$ is an issue..

So here's what my weekend will look like:
We will be staying here, at the very top.. eek not a fan of heights!

This is the view I will wake up to in the Am when I walk out on the balcony!

Walk to the beach!

I will be soaking up some Rays here

Doing some reading here, with the sound of the ocean behind me

Eating some well known French Toast here for breakfast

Headed here Saturday to do some of this (see below)

Then heading here to do some of this (see below)
Brian skim boarding May 08'

Having dinner here: The Original Mexican Cafe

Enjoying some time here at night

And enjoying this view at night

Doing some shopping here on Sunday

Thanks to Erin over at Little Diva Diaries for the hometown suggestions to go to in Galveston!

Be looking for my post next week on our weekend re-cap!

Happy 3 year Anniversary Brian, I look forward to many many more together, and to being your wife :)

The night he "asked me out" 7-7-07, no I wasn't drunk, don't know whats up with the eyes!

1st year anniversary 7-7-08

2nd year Anniversary 7-7-09

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

you're so cute!!! <3 i love you so much, and brian too!! <3 rachael

Bloodhounds and Babies said...

Looks like y'all are going to have a great weekend!!

Tiffany said...

New Follower HERE! I would have never wanted to vacation in Galveston, had I not seen this blog! Photos make this place looks amazing! Have a great time and enjoy each moment, Time goes by wayyyy to fast!


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