Monday, July 4, 2011

Photobook America... Ya, Eh, or No?

Has anyone ever made a Photobook via Photobook America?

The quality looks great!
The prices look a little on the high side.... But I saw this Groupon which has brought me upon this wondering of the quality of the books published via the photobook maker...
Not that I need to purchase anymore Groupons, I still have 2 that I need to use... Buttt this is something I would use and in the works of needing to begin creating 3 photo books, so perfect timing! ha!

I normally use via MyPublisher to create my Photobooks, and have not been let down by the quality, creativeness, price, coupons, or turn-around time produced via MyPublisher

So I'm leaning towards just continuing to use MyPublisher, but I always enjoy reeving my bloggers feedback!

Happy 4th Of July!!!
Pictures to come tomorrow of my attempt to be crafty and Martha Stewartish this weekend....
Some might find my attempt as an epic fail, but I'm pretty pleased with what I did with the money and time I had to work with :)

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Laura said...

I just designed and ordered our wedding album from Photobook America and I should receive it in a few days! I had the same groupon! I loved the software and thought the whole process was so easy. I upgraded to nicer paper for the pages and added 30 additional pages (70 total) and still ended up paying just over $110 including the cost of the groupon and shipping. I would've paid 3 times that (at least) through another site. I haven't seen my book in person yet, but as of now I'd highly recommend it! If I have any issues when I do get it, I've heard good things about their customer service too.

I'll probably write a review of my experience within the next week or so, as soon as I receive it! It'll be posted here:

Hope that helps!


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