Monday, July 18, 2011

Do I want a myAgenda?

I might have a mild obsession with having a perfect organizer/planner..
This mild obsession leads to when I get a new planner for the year, I hunt for the perfect one, even if this means going to a few different stores to get "that perfect planner" and when I find this planner, it's like a high....

That being said, the past few years I have grown to like day runner planners, I like that they come in various color/themes and have simple pages with wide day spaces but not broke down by time slots (appointment style.)

I don't like that my planner has these additions:

"Long term to do lists" "another to do lists"
these lists move with me every week when I flip the week and re-clip the pasts weeks..

more to do lists.. One started last week, one started today.. stuck on the front of my planner

I have been eying the momAgenda for many years, well let's be real here, I am clearly not at that point.. SO then when the myAgenda came out, well hello this is perfect! I have just been putting off spending more on a planner.

What I love about the myAgenda:

For my life style the next 5-6 months I can use the 5 different sections to break down things to do for:
Daily/My personal life
Student Teaching
My college classes
Daily Exercise

Umm did the makers of this know the selling point for me, or what?
This is essential for me beginning in January!

This is important for me to know!

I love the weekly quotes, to bad there wasn't horoscopes also.. ha

I've also heard there is a gift idea section, simply perfect for me!! When I see something or hear about something and it rings a bell as a good gift for a family or friend, I write it down in the back of my planner to refer back to come Christmas time!

I think this is my FAV color to choose from.. Wish they still had the Purple or Silver this year!

SO ladies spill it, what's your favorite planner? Do you have a my/momAgenda? Would you suggest it?


Happy Healthy Runner said...

oooohhhh that's cool! i love planners :)

The Richards said...

I totally get a high when I get a new planner! It's a rush! I wanted to have my work planner and personal planner all in one so I've been using my outlook calendar and updating it by using my iphone. The bad part is that I love to write things down and cross them off which I'm not able to do with outlook :(. If I change my mind, I might have to go with the momagenda! Also, look at Franklin Covey...they have great planners and you can basically build them the way you want them and they last forever.

Dana + Ryan said...

I have no idea what to tell you about planners...I need a good one myself. I may be getting a MyAgenda now! Thanks for your post!


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