Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Misc. Pics & Friends

It's been while since I've done a WW.. Oct 27 2010 to be exact! Since the planning was put on hold I 1. haven't been "up to" talking anything wedding and 2. didn't really have much to WW blog about.

Not much has changed but I've been up to looking at Wedding blogs again and stalking the internet for ideas and pics.

So here's a few things I'm loving lately:

This picture is great to really show the girls shoes! My girls are ALL awesome and already purchased their shoes, I knew when I saw them they were the shoes I wanted my girls to wear so they all jumped on it before they sold out!

I thought of this idea years ago and now I found a picture of it actually done! I wrote down some ideas when BD and I first got engaged last year, I need to try and find that piece of paper..

I showed this picture in my Pintrest blog the other day, but had to share it again! I'm always up for something 'differnt/creative.' I've had a few Guest Book ideas outside the traditional but never seen this one, def a top choice!

To make this post more exciting,I leave you with pictures of some wonderful couples I am blessed to share their upcoming Nuptial's and celebration events with over the next few months!!

Julia and Michael: An amazing woman and friend I met through our mutual friend H Ty! I'm so glad that she is doing what she really wants at heart, she is so smart :)! Private ceremony in August, Reception in September!

Rachel and Cullen: Rachel and I have been good friends since middle school! Their big hoedown is 9-10-11, she has put so much effort into everything, she is even making all the paper goods herself, she's quite a designer!

Mark and Kristen: Mark went to grade school with BD but I started hanging out with Mark about 8-10 months before crossing paths with BD. Mark started dating Kristen within the next year, from the first time I met her, she fit right in with everyone! I still remember the first time Mark told me about "this girl in his class." I can't wait to watch their dream wedding unfold,they are both so excited! September, Georgetown TX.

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