Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Planner.. Might be the winner!

Remember my post the other day, Do I want A myAgenda? Thank You to those that commented or emailed and gave your thoughts!

I might of found something even better, ok well not better but more beneficial for me personally...

I might seem a little crazy, but I'm pretty excited about this one..
The Life Planner by

If you go to the website and browse around or even watch the video you might either 1. think I'm crazy for caring that much or 2. want one your self :)

Let me share a few reasons why I'm smitten:

Nuff' said!

I love love quotes, especially in simple forms like this.. They just pop up, not necessarily looking at them via online etc...

I love the fun colors, makes it exciting to look ahead at the months to come!

Lined paper within.. Genius!

Workout log, maybe it can help be a motivation!

To do lists and Goals... Is my name written in there already?

Slot inside for extra papers.. I need this in my life!

Now as for my cover...

I'm a sucker for all things photo, but I don't know how I could choose only 6 and if I'm going to have it for a year+, I might get tired of them...

As mentioned above, I love quotes!

I love all things brown, especially with pretty colors mixed in!

How fabulous would it be for me to have these also?
But I'm not that crazy... One thing at a time ;)

Teacher Planner

Wedding Planner

So any suggestions on which one I should get?
Has anyone ever used this planner?

Happy Friday!!!


Barbecued Peaches said...

I really liked those planners...I just don't think I can bring myself to spend $50 on one though!

Anonymous said...

ask katie m what she used for planning her wedding. she was super detailed and whatever she did worked beautifully. i was the day of coordinator and no detail was left out!!!:).
for the weddings i help with i just use an old fashioned binder with binder paper and make my own tabs from small post it note strips. i keep generic notes/ideas and then specific notes for the wedding week details. to keep extra stuff, i use pocket folders and punch holes,label them and keep them in another huge binder.


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