Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4th of July Fun- Food, Favor, or Decor Ideas!!

I'm feeling crafty.....
We have some friends and family coming down to our second home this weekend aka the river house aka my little heaven to celebrate our wonderful freedom!

I want to challenge myself to do something crafty and fun this week as a little party favor for people coming or a yummy treat or even just a little festive decor!
It's not going to be a big party or anything special just a few close friends that I would like to show a little love for coming down.

Here's where you come into play! I need some ideas!!!

My mom and I tried to make this last year for the 4th of July

Let's just say it did not look like this one... After photo documenting the entire process (to blog about...) and my mom and I being so excited about making this cake, we ended up throwing it in the trash (literally) and just making a plain chocolate cake.

So I do not want to try and attempt anything to this affect again... I know I am not a baker and I am OK with that!!!

Here are some things I found that look fabulous and fairly easy:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Red White and Blue Ice Pops

The Red White and Blue popcorn looks fairly easy?

I would love to make these as party favors, this might be the kid coming out in me...

This sign makes my heart so happy!!! If only I would of started planning this out a little sooner...

Chocolate Pretzels... Are on my level of do-able!

If we had kids... We WOULD be doing this!!!

If I was going somewhere that I would dress up/cute.. I would love to be wearing this but since I stay in my swim suit 80% of the day, I won't be wearing this.

Soo have any of you ladies made anything fun for this weekend or made anything in the past you would like to share?

Feel free to comment and share :)

Hope everyone has a fun Fourth of July doing whatever brings you happiness and don't forget of those who help us have our freedom!!

Images used: Pinterest and Google Images

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