Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I know I'm a little early but I was too excited about this post, so I wanted to catch up by starting off with honoring not only my mother but ALL the mom's in the world!

Mama bear (and I'm baby bear) Mother's Day Gift

And the mothers day card I got her this year couldn't be any better!

"My mom, my friend"

You'll never know
how many times your voice
on the other end of the line
has helped me get through
a bad day...

...or how often I'll remember
some little piece of wisdom you have me,
months before,
even though it seemed
like I wasn't listening
at the time..

(back inside)

You'll never know
how much it means to me
to share my feelings
with the one person
who probably knows me
better than anyone,
and who has become my best friend

I love you, Mom

Just a few things I appreciate about my mother:
her love
her support
her encouragement
the face that she knows every word so some Rap songs, I can think my bro for that one!
her baking
her cleaning
her love for my friends
how well she treats my fiance, Brian
how much she always wants the best for me
she civilizes every situation
her support in my hobbies
her guidance through my struggle in school
all the late nights she has stayed up with me sick or tutoring me
the fact that she always puts me, my bro, and daddy first!!!!

I could go on and on but basically you should get the point by now!

I know everyone says their mom is THE best but I'll have to say, mines the best for me and others are the best for them :) they both have their special touch :)

Some special mom's I wanna wish a very Happy Mother's Day to:

Brian's mom, Judy
Brian's Step mom, Michelle
Best friends mom, Ellen
Catherine, my boss :)
Suzzane, one of my most favorite ladies in the world, aka my ring bearers mom!
Terri, Chris's mom
Charlotte, my flower girls mom
My Aunt Diane, Angie, Kerri, Susan, and Sherry
My cousin Rebecca
And last but NOT least My Maw-Maw and MiMi


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