Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Items I need/want to Purchase this week...

Things I need/want to purchase:

Many or you are wondering what this is... It's a flag to hold up when your on a boat and have a skier/rider down so other boats are aware....
I used to make fun of people when I would see them holding these, some people literally stand up on the seat and wave them around, I used to laugh.. Not so much anymore!
The river we have been on for 16 years now has double populated over the past couple years! To be quite honest I'm a little upset about this, you have people who come out on the river, drink all day and act fools after having a jet ski FLY by Brian this weekend and him getting so irate that he didn't even want to wakeboard anymore.... We are headed to Academy today after work to purchase one of these bright orange flags and I'm proud about it :)

I would KILL someone, ok not literally but you get it.. If they hurt Brian or anyone else I pull behind my boat

In the new boat we have an mp3 plug in.. perfect for our new iphones.. We have a plug but its super long and gets tangled up, so how convenient is this little gadget from best buy?

Those these little red flat sandals would be cute to go along with my dress for the crawfish boil next weekend

Speaking of Crawfish boil.. The sno-cone machine we rented only comes with 2 little bottles, well we all know that is only gonna last the first hour.. So this is also on the list of things to buy!

The new Captains seat on the boat sits real low.. Well I'm not very tall and the windshield is pretty large... Need to purchase one of these while at Academy

I might sound obsessive but in my opinion you can never have enough Wakeboard T-Shirts!

Are you ladies seeing a pattern here? I think I'm a little obsessed with summer/boating/being at the river!

Be watching for Wedding Wed tomorrow :) Not sure on the topic yet...


kate said...

Ooo love the sandals, where are they from? Glad you guys are getting a flag, safety first ;) Have fun at the river!!!!! Oh and you guys are welcome ANYTIME, but jsut know that it is a work in progress so if you come soon don't be surprised if you don't have a couch to sit on lol ;)

the clark family. said...

Haha- I agree with Kate! You need to share that link with the rest of us who think you found fabulous shoes!

Annie said...

all this boat talk has me wanting one even more!! we have been looking at them for the past few weeks!
have a blast on the river hun, be safe!
i agree with the other ladies, the sandals are adorable!! i need to start wearing flats ;)


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