Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Friday I met one of my dear friends, Kelli for lunch and shopping at Memorial City Mall... We grabbed the oh so healthy Taco Bell and sat to eat lunch, 3 hours later.. Yes 3 I looked at my phone for the first time, holy moly I still had a lot to get done during the day, we quickly ended our lunch and skipped shopping. While at lunch I asked Kelli to join my bridal party and be one of my bridesmaids!

Friday Night planned on going to Amici's for a nice Italian dinner with the fiance, due to rain and laziness of not wanting to get ready and all dressed up, we decided to grab mexican food and headed to his dads and went to At&t to switch Brian from his mom's phone plan to his dad's and also purchased him the Iphone!

Saturday headed to Megan's house around 8am to start preparing for their first crawfish boil in the new house!

Cookie cake Bekah and I brought!

The hostest mixing up a little Pink Lemonade martini

Custom Cups!

After the Crawfish boil and after resting at Brian's house for a bit we packed up and headed to the river house... We wanted to spend the evening with my parents and puppies and check on the status of the bulk head and peir

This is where we stand.. Praying for it to be done by June 5th!

We planned on riding (wakeboarding) but with lots of debris floating due to rain the past week and my incisions still being eek, decided we would just relax with my rents

My daddy and fiance put on the same shirt on Sunday! NOT planned, just that much a like :)

Looking forward to this week:
Dinner and helping Bekah move tonight

Dinner with Crystal tomorrow night

Church service Wed night

Heading to the river house Friday afternoon!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wanted to give a shout out to my new FOLLOWERS, they just keep popping up and it is so exciting!!! I need to go look into some of them and follow their blogs :)

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Sounds like a fun weekend!


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