Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Re~Cap

Thursday spent the day with this lovely little lady, my mom:

we went to a fantastic doc appointment for me and did some shopping at the Galleria

Friday the fiance and I headed to the river house:

Getting warmed back up after being out of the water all winter

Saturday Brian's little Bro, Mason came up to the river house :)

Brian wakeskating.. his new toy!

Brian and I before heading out on the boat

My handsome Dad putting on the new mirror

My Gracie girl watching Brian, one her FAV things to do!

We love being on the water!

Saturday Night we headed to 2J's for dinner and then went to Sargent to Chad & Joel's bay houses

Me and 2 of my fav guys at dinner!

Playing washers

Chad in his own little world playing with his boat

Everyone being like WTF after Mason walked back in the garage from chasing the ping pong ball! Needless to say there was lots of blood flowing from his foot and arm...

Sunday we didn't wake up till 11 ( I haven't slept that late in years...):

I made my first boating mistake of the summer... Left the radio on over night, ran down the battery!

My Daddy working hard as always...

Things I'm looking forward to this week:
Dinner tonight with Crystal
Celebrating Mason's 21st B-Day Tuesday
FBJSL Meeting Thursday evening
Heading down to the river Friday-Monday yay for Memorial Day!!

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