Monday, May 10, 2010

So LoveD!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Not gonna go into detail from previous post about my health.. I'll just say, I had surgery and PRAYING that takes care of the problems, keep you posted.. So far SO good!

During my health struggle the past 8 weeks, I have had SO much support, care, and concerns from my dear friends and family! I've received phone calls from people I haven't talked to on the phone in months, sweet sweet emails, texts, and visits!

I feel SO blessed and loved, made the whole process much easier on me... Especially having the door bell ring and seeings these beauties through the glass!

Went to the surgeon Tuesday to schedule the surgery, had to go to the hosp after to register, get my vitals and blood taken... Came home to these from my dear dear friend Rachael! I wanted to take the bear with me into surgery the next day but due to "safety" I wasn't allowed to...
Came home from the hospital Wed night to these on my desk with a funny card from my loving bubba (older brother)

Thursday woke up to the door bell ringing with a guy delivering theses pretty yellow flowers from The Berryman's fam aka my boss, life long friend, future flower girl family, God brother and so on...

I CAN'T Thank my friends enough for all the LOVE and SUPPORT they have shown! I wish I could think each and everyone in my own special way but I'm afraid I would leave someone out, ha!

SO Thanks EVERYONE!!! I Love you all in my own special way!!!

I'm 6 days out of surgery and still a little sore and have some battle wounds but feeling much better than I did 7 days ago.....:)


Jen said...

Glad you are feeling a little better...good vibes coming your way :)

Annie said...

surgery!! wowie!! you have been through a lot, i hope you are ok sweets.
look at all those pretty flowers!!! glad you are feeling better hun :)
keep us posted!

Christin said...

I hope you continue to get better. Keep us updated and take care of yourself.


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