Monday, May 24, 2010

My Sweet Friend Megan!

Well I've never dedicated a post to a friend but I have 2 things I wanted to blog about in reference to Megan today so why not just do a whole post!

First of all go check out her cute little blog live laugh lenz

She is doing her first give away where she is giving away some CUTE little goodies go enter to win here!

And today she celebrates 1 amazing year with her hubby. They are one of the best couples I know, Brian and I LOVE spending time with them! They have fun, they joke, laugh, love one another unconditionally and yet they are still their own people. He loves softball and she loves to shop (and hang out with me :)) I could go on and on about them 2 but I think you get the point!
Enjoy some pics over the years of the couple! She might kill me for going way back with some pics but TOO bad, ha jk jk!

Walking downtown headed to a Stros game
Trip where he proposed!
Engagement pic!
Wedding day!

Happy Anniversary Meg and everyone go enter her giveaway! I want to enter so bad for that darn cute towel but I guess I'll just have to go buy one.. ha!

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Jonathan & Megan Lenz said...

you are so sweet! i just love you to pieces and brian as well. we love you guys and are so glad you are in our lives. can go enter the get on it!


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