Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Wed: Hoe Down Rehersal Dinner

Since my Dad "won't allow" me to have a Country themed wedding (he says the place is too ellagent and he's paying too much to make it look cheap)... So why not do all my plans/envisions/dreams into our rehearsal dinner. My dear Boss also long life friend sent me a link the other day with some pics that gave me more ideas..

I want to have an actual "Hoe Down" with a guy playing the banjo, stacks of hay, sunflowers, bandannas, bbq, dancing, def cowgirl boots, maybe big skirts, and possibly games like bob for apples.. (I know I'm a dork, thanks)

(ignore the flowers and linens on these tables) I like the signs!

Here is where I would like to (plan) on having this shindig

George Ranch

And here are some pics from their website
Here is the campfire where we could put the hay and sing and dance!

here are some things they show you can rent for entertainment:

HOPEFULLY the future in laws will like these ideas ;)

Oops I just remembered I was supposed to do my socks post today....


Jen said...

What a unique idea! Fun!

Jenn said...

I LOVE this!!! How stinkin' adorable would this be?!?!? And George Ranch would be *the* perfect place, too! Super cute, girl...SUPER cute!

♥ H ♥ said...

DUDE! How fun is this going to be!! I can't WAIT!!!! AHHH...wish it was tomorrow ha! I LOVE all your ideas :)

The Richards said...

I've been to a wedding at George Ranch and it was beautiful! Love the idea!

Anonymous said...

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