Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweeet SuMMertime Weekend!!

Just to get myself a little more amped up for Summer I'm going to do a run down of my weekends:
Fri 21- Sun 23: My River House aka Bernard
Fri 28- Mon 31: Memorial Dal Weekend at Bernard with some friends coming up, only known ones so far, Lenz family (including Jeff) (Meg jj told me this news at the Crawfish boil just fyi) also Mike C and Bekah and hopefully some others :)
Memorial Day weekend 2009: My best friends wedding! Isn't she gorgeous!!!!!
Megan and mama Ellen! Love them 2!!!

Matron of Honors Speech!

Fri June 4-Sun 6: Blumrick's 2nd Annual Crawfish boil! Also one of my bff's Rachael's B-Day that Saturday! Gonna be one of the best weekends of the summer, in my opinion at least..

Crawfish Boil June 2009

Fri 11- Sun 13: Ft Worth Pro Wakeboard Tour.. Not sure if were going, if not Brian will be off shore fishing with Matt & Dom and I will be going to the Sunflower Festival with my mom at the river house and The Chunky Funky Cowgirl will be there!!

I can NOT find the pics from last time we went to Pro Wakeboard Tour in Ft Worth for the life of me... So no pics!

Fri 18- Sun 20: Girls Weekend at the river!! Also another TOP weekend of summer! More to come on this later... Details in the works as we speak!!
Fri 25-Sun 27: Fri- Peddler Show (amazing craft show at the Fort Bend County Fair Grounds, always good Texas Rustic goods to be purchased :)) Fri afternoon heading to Beaumont to stay with my cousin and her newlywed hubby for the weekend for the SeTx Mid summer Classic Wakeboard tournament!
Fri July 1-Mon July 5: Fourth Of July Weekend @ The River House
4th of July 2009 @ The River House

4th of July 2008 @ The River House

4th of July 2007 @ The Astros Game (Justin caught the ball :))

Fri 9-Sun 11th: Houston's Bridal Extravaganza Weekend with my Buffer Megan and my lovely mom and whoever else wants to join :) A lot of my Bridal Party has already been through the whole wedding planning and would probably prefer not to go... ha!
Fri 16-Sun 18: No plans, the fiance will be happy about this :)
Fri 23-Sun 25: Same as above
Fri 30-Sun 1: H Town Showdown, wakeboard tourny the fiance will be competing in

H Town Showdown 2008

H Town Showdown 2009

Fri Aug 6-Sun Aug 8: No Plans!
Sat 14-Sat 21st: Stay at the M***** House for the week with my lovely little boys, wait their not boys anymore, Collin's almost a Man! eek!
This is me and the boys in 2008.... lots of changes since then!!

And that wraps up summer! Whoa lots of fun to be had!


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