Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Socks & Signature Drink

Thanks to the lovely Jen over at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys for the help with this blog!

Here is Jen and Jay on their wedding day! I can't remember where Jen said she got the socks, I thought I book marked it but can't find it...

But this is the look I'm going for! I want Brian to have on the same purple shade socks as my shoes!

I have this pic saved in my folder titled "Wedding stuff I like" but can't remember where I found it.. dangit! Quick thought: Is there a need for this guy to be shirtless?

So here's where you come into play? Do I buy a pair for all the guys or just Brian? I'm thinking just plain purple, no stripes, no pattern....

Check out this website I found:

Cocktail Recipes

You can customize drinks by color, occasion, liquor etc.

I've been kinda worried about not being able to find a good/yummy purple colored signature drink for the reception.. Problem solved!

I entered Purple and Wedding here is what came up:

Please cast your vote on which drink you think sounds the best, much appreciated :)

Happy Hump Day to all my fellow blog friends!


Bloodhounds and Babies said...

I LOVE the idea of matching socks to shoes... Jer and I did the same thing. My shoes were a periwinkle blue and I ended up finding them super cheap on a web site. I think I just typed in 'blue socks' in google and found them that way! I will try and find the web site for you, because they had every color imaginable.

Jen said...

FUN post!! The site I got them from are! Good luck getting the purple!!


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