Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly 50 Free Holiday Cards Blog

If you know me.. You know I'm ALL about coupons and savings! I rarely order anything online without having some kind of promo code.. So when I saw this blog post on some other blog's I had to jump on the bandwagon and contact Shutterfly (side not, even if I didn't stumble upon this awesome deal, I would still be ordering my Christmas cards from shutterfly this year)

So here's the deal: Contact shutter fly by filling out this form.. They will contact you soon via email with the required info of what you need to do (blog about the giveaway, at least 150 words, promote it, email them back.. and they send you the promo code) Easy enough, right?

I have used Shutterfly on numerous occasions for various events, I have always been very pleased with the customer service, quality of products, variety of products, and also pricing!

This is our Christmas Card I sent out last year (ordered from Shutterfly)

(sorry it's upside down.. It doesn't show up that way when I upload it)

I was very excited a few weeks ago when I received a shutterfly Holiday catalog in the mail for the first year..

(once again, sorry for the upside down pic)

Here's a few of my favorites from Shutterfly's Christmas Cards for 2010:

This is my absolute favorite style, they have other one's like it using diff colors and designs.. But I LOVE the "Top 10 moments in 2010" what a fun way to share with your family and friends what exciting things have gone on the past year with your family! I think this is especially neat if you have little ones who are discovering new things, if you took family vacations, switched jobs, bought a new house etc etc.. With my family, I don't know what I would put as my brother and I are older, but still a top fav!!
*I'm not sure if this one is included in the "50 free" because it's not in the Christmas Card section, its under it's own tab in a sub-category.. just FYI

I love this one cause of the 3 stack and caption between each, so you can briefly include some info about your family but also have plenty of space for pics.. I also like this one (not that you have to do this) how they used self taken pics, not all professional pics...

This is a fav cause I like the colors and how it's kinda short and to the point! I really really like that it says Merry Christmas, It might sound silly but I very seldom purchase anything rather it be a card, home decor, etc. that says Happy Holidays

How fun is this one? I love how you can do a pic for each month, this will be perfect for me in the future with my little family with the unbelievable amount of pics I take each month!

Head over to Shutterfly's website to check out the:
Christmas Cards
and even the Birthday Cards

Now I need your help/thoughts? For my family Christmas card, do I put a pic on it with my fiance and the 4 of us or just my family? Yes he is defiantly a part of our family already but not "officially" I know a lot of people don't see it as a big deal.. But I do, it sometimes bothers me when people include boyfriends/girlfriends etc in their family pics when they aren't officially part of the family, sorry if that sounds mean or harsh...

I hope some of my fellow bloggers take the 15 mins. to do this deal! Every penny saved counts, especially during the Holidays :)

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