Monday, November 29, 2010

New "Collector Items"/Christmas Gift

I have recently discovered the oh so precious Dogeared brand at Nordstrom.. They have a few to choose from in store at Nordstrom but TONS more on the retailers website (click below)

I have been wanting a new "everyday" necklace for quite some time but just haven't found the right one, I have my Wax Poetic charm necklace (click below) that I wear often but mainly only when I have on a cute shirt or outfit in general.. And I still want a few new charms and a little jewel to add to this necklace but want something more simple I can wear everyday with t-shirts etc.

So now that you have all that extra info... The point of this post, I want to start collecting a variety of the Dogeared necklace's, they are not cheap so I do not expect to have a "collection" of them anytime soon but you gotta start somewhere right? So who better to start this wonderful collection for me then my lovely fiance?!?! Here's a few idea designs I like that I sent over to him via email today!

This is my fav to get from him with the little diamond in the corner

I like the simplicity of this one... It's also on the same chain that my wax poetic charms are on

I love the sideways look on this one.. I'm such a simple girl but yet sometimes just need a little difference in that simpleness!

This one is on the card "new beginnings" not sure if it is relevant for us but I still love the little heart!
There are tons of differnt categories (hence why I want to start collecting them, I can continue to get some throughout my life) that have really really cute ones and they all come on neat little cards that have a meaning behind them, I'm all about the sentimental gifts!
Here's a few of my other favs:

One of my favorite thoughts is, "its the little things" eek which reminds me I have a few blog posts I need to finish....

I really love this petite little heart.. They also have a "Bridal" section, even though I don't know when exactly.. I will be getting married one day and this little section is oh so perfect!

This little Faith one is just precious to me! I like how the cross sits off the chain

Although I don't have anything wish bone.. Heart's and Wish Bone's are 2 of my favorite symbols!

One other thing I have recently fallen in love with and want to start collecting... But once again they are pricey and I can only wear a few at a time so I can't collect too many...

I love stack-able rings, I have been wanting some every since I first laid eyes on Stella & Dot's cute band set ones a few years ago.. I have been eying Robindira Unsworth's for a little while now but have yet to see them in person!

(click on pic for website)

I am more of a silver person, so I hope she comes out with some more soon although I do love many of the gold ones on the website..
This is the only silver one I see, its a good starter one though ;)

So what do you think? Know anyone that has any of these pieces of jewelry? Have anything you recently started collecting that you just love?

pics used: Dogeared website and Unsworth's website

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Patricia Jordan said...

I love Robindira Unsworth stacking rings too! My huband purchased a set for me for our 10 yr wedding anniversary.


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