Friday, December 31, 2010

My Friends Are Better Than Yours......

OK, so maybe the title isn't entirely true especially since many of my really good friends read my blog and they also have other great friends, but I can say I have been truly blessed with some amazing girl friends and they all show it and make me feel that way in various ways! With everything I have been through this year from my health to wedding changes to school to weight gain, my friends have been there when I needed to cry, when I haven't looked my best, when I just wanted to sit with them and not go out, when I've canceled on them and haven't been the best friend I could be, when I've had to leave their bachlorette party early because I was too sick, when I wanted to have a slumber party and feel like we were young again, when I didn't show up to their Birthday celebrations, when they couldn't get a hold of me and had to call/text my mom to check on me or find out what a new doctor said, when I've needed flowers to cheer me up.. they were sent to my house, when I needed a card in the mail to make me smile, when I needed a sweet post written on my facebook wall, when I needed to try a new experience such as yoga or just crafting, when I needed that "just because" gift, when I needed to vent, and the list can go on and on!!!!

One really sweet thing that was done this year for me is what brings me to this post... I feel that I always find creative ways to show my friends just how much I appreciate and love them and this year one of my groups of girlfriends topped everything I've done!

This year we celebrated our 3rd Annual Girl's Christmas Dinner/Gift Exchange together, three years ago while we were all out one night it was just casually mentioned that we should start doing this and I'm not too sure if anyone really thought it was going to happen, well leave it up to me and I'll make it happen, so we did it! As an appreciation of me planning this event for us the past three years the girls got me a necklace that I had mentioned on this post. When they brought it up and told me what they had done for me I wanted to cry, I def teared up but tried to not be a drama queen and cry, I'm sorry I'm emotional and when people do things like that for me I just can't help it...

Here's the precious/pretty/sweet/dainty little necklace they got me:

Here's the description online:

BFF. Partner in crime. Confidant. No matter what she goes by, she is your best friend! Let her know how much her friendship means to you with our best friends reminder necklace. The wishbone charm lets her carry her wishes with her everywhere. She deserves it. Come to think of it, so do you!

Here's the card message the necklace came on:

make a wish and put on your necklace. I believe we were meant to be friends. let your necklace be a daily reminder that your love and friendship is an amazing gift to me!

How sweet is that? So does my title beat yours?!?! ;)

I can't tell you my wish or it won't come true, but I will say with these group of girl's it will come true!

I sent each of them a little Thank You note in the mail and hope they really know how much it means to me that they did this for me

Here's a pic from our first annual party Dec. 2008 at Jenny's parent's house

This is our 2nd annual at Kristina's APT.. I didn't get very many good pics this year:(

This years 3rd annual party at Corelli's Italian restaurant

I look forward to collecting many more of these precious little necklace's


Bailey said...

Glad you liked your gift Jenn- you deserve it! This is such a sweet post! What I have always admired about you is how big your heart is. You are always thinking of others before yourself. It is an honor to have you as my friend and I look forward to more fun memories this year.

Bailey said...

Jenn- I am so happy you enjoyed your necklace- you deserve it. This is such a sweet post. I am so glad to have you as a friend who is always thinking of others before herself. That is a quality many folks don't have. My wish is that you make 2011 a great year for YOURSELF- be a little selfish this year! :) I am proud of you and remember we are always here for your support. You never owe me any explanation. YOu are a beautiful person inside and out! xoxo


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