Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Things: Introduction!

Last night while having dinner with one of my most dearest friends, Rachael.. It seemed as though we both kept "hitting the nail on the head"/"hitting home" in relation to each others life's, feelings, and, thoughts!

After re-capping several times through out the day today on what we talked about, I want to do a blog "series" about it.. I've jotted down a lot of notes today, done some research, and, going to continue to do some more, that being said I am going to break it down into 3 separate posts.. I don't think I've ever put this much thought/effort into a blog post, which speaking of I just realized this is my 200th post!!!! I think that's a sign that this is off to a great start!

I'm hoping I can get some feed back from my followers and see if anyone can relate and possibly even make a slight impact on someone..

The Topics Will Be:
1. Why wait for a special occasion? 2. Life's too short! 3. Were only young once!

Yes they all sound like basically the same thing and yes in speaking they can be but I have so much to say about each topic separately that I want to do a post for each!

So I'm not sure when these posts will be (pretty busy the next few days) but just be on the look out for them :)

I leave you with a few pics of the wonderful RachE and I!

This is mine and Rachael's first "technical" picture together, even though its not of just us and I'm not even sure if we had really had more than a 5 minute convo. at this point...
At Don's in San Marcos, ready to float the river Summer 09'.. I think this is a perfect pic to introduce, "Were Only Young Once!"

Fast forward several months....
April 2010, Rachael & I the day she married her best friend, literally her best friend.. I don't think those 2 could be more a like!

Now would be a good time for you to create that account so you can comment..Hint Hint Rachael!! :)

1 comment:

Rache said...

Bahahaha I just love you so much!

I'm excited to read the series. This will be good!

Now I'm gonna go try and figure this blogging thing out.... LOVE YOU.


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