Friday, December 31, 2010

Year of the Rabbit- In my life..

- I've done some brief research and have found that only 8% of people who make New Years resolutions stick with them the following twelve months, as a matter of fact more than half don't even make it to the end of Janurary.
I also learned mainly the reason for that is simply that people can't adjust their lives drastically all of a sudden and make all these changes, so basically many people are set up for failure. The reserach has proved that in that 8% all those people started ideally planning for these new resolutions/goals approx 4 weeks before the New Year or even off and on for several months, not just the week prior to the New Year. Now with all that being said, here is my plan...

My New Year's goal's to roll over from this past year (past few months) and simply push harder!

Includes but is not limited to:

{Continue really pushing myself in boot camp}
Ideally I would like to go all 4 times a week my boot camp is offered but I'll be honest with myself it's a challenge to make it to every session so I will try to commit to 3 times per week and hope for 4!

{Continue loosing weight}
Approx. 25 pounds down in the past 2.5-3 months, _ _ to go.....

{Budget,Save,less shopping}

OK I'll be honest, I haven't really been doing this yet.. I have been budgeting better and not shopping as much but I haven't been saving.. yet

{Continue to use coupons}
I've become the coupon notsee and I'm not even a mom yet!! I've always enjoyed reading the Sunday Newspaper sale ad's and clipping coupons but now in this virtual world we live in, they simply pop up in my email way too often and also I have a few lovely coupon lady blogs I follow.. Now let me say this though, I do not print a bunch of coupons that I'm only going to save .50c here or .25c, I look at it as it's costing me more in paper and ink to print the coupon

{Eat better}
This has always been a challenge for me as I simply love food and love junk food. I was not raised eating the healthiest foods and I am extremely picky and can't do certain textures so basically I'm a difficult eater..
I have really made some changes over the past few months and looking forward to continuing and doing better! Getting my gallbladder removed in May has helped this change be easier as I couldn't eat many foods anymore but that's besides the point...

*Included in this category*

-Better balanced meals

-Better and more breakfasts

-Cut way back on Soda's, I know I should cut it all together.. But let's be honest, if you know me I have been a soda lover my whole life, I actually was talking with some girl friends the other day about how they used to come to my house when we were young and our fridge had a row of Cokes, Sunkist, DP, Root Beer, Cherry Coke, etc...
So I'll be real with myself, I will take the challenge of only having them on occasion!!

{Stay organized}
I'll toot my own horn for a sec.. I've always been good at this, I pretty much know where anything I need is at all times, I use color coded plans, I have tons of storage container/bin things, I have several personal file folders already, I make to-do lists and stick with them by crossing out etc, my laptop and email folders are very organized, and even my back pack and purse have certain ways of staying in order

{Send random cards in the mail and Thank You notes}

I'm the Queen at this and I absolutely love it!

New goals/hopes for 2011: (simply said)

-Blog way more than I did in 2010
-Learn more about Brian
-Forget past failures
-less web browsing
-more book/article reading
-spend as much time as possible with girlfriends (yes I do this a lot, but this next year will be much harder as I will have a busier day schedule and more exhausted in the evenings)
-spend more time with people over the age of 60 and under the age of 6
-Agree to disagree
-Don't compare myself to others or be jealous of others
-Get "dressed" more aka don't wear my comfy black pants and sports bras so much
-Spend more time with my future in-law's
-Call my family more
-Continue to take an unbelievable amount of pics of friends & family
-Continue to learn as much as I can to be the best possible teacher
-Be open minded
-Count my blessings
-Finish writing my mission list: 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days
-Learn to do 180 on my Wakeboard
-Maybe do this:

You can read about it here: One Hundred Push Ups

Last but least, spend more time in prayer, reading my Bible, and reading my daily devotional

Well, that's a wrap blog friends!!!
I look forward to another blessed year of reading everyone's blogs and learning new things you share!

With all the being said...


rblanton22 said...

i started to do 100 pushups before my wedding - it is AWESOME! the only reason i stopped is because we went on our honeymoon, maybe I should start again...

LOVE your list and LOVE you, lets get together this week. <3 <3

Lindsey said...

A few comments:

You already look ROCKIN from your boot camp - seriously! It's been neat watching a transformation. Keep that up! All you need is one physical activity to motivate you!

The best way to cut back on soda is to not have them in your house! Then, the only place you can get them is out at restaurants and such and chances are, you'll be with someone that can give you a little nudge to have something else. It worked for me over a year ago!

YAY for your love of card sending - I'm with you on that one!

Okay...done writing. Bring on 2011!

Tiffany said...

Like all of them...but especially the spend time with people over 60 and under 6....definitely need to work on that one too!


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