Sunday, December 26, 2010

Catching Up....

Yes, I'm alive!!!
No I didn't forget about: My 12 Days of Christmas posts, the 3 posts I blogged about back in October, 3 Things Introduction.. and yes I still plan on doing those and doing a brief wrap up of the 12 days posts!

I just caught up on my Dashboard/Reading List, I went back all the way to December 15th when I last read anyone's post and got caught up on what I felt was necessary...

But now I'm off to shower to go to dinner with my longest life long group of girlfriends who I've spent a lot of time with over this break but be ready for several posts the next couple days!!
One I'm really looking forward to is about my New Years goals, plans, etc.. No NOT New Years Resolutions!!

PS- If your bored and wanna look or have a fav pair to share, I'm on the hunt for an "everyday" earring.. I want a stud earring, sterling silver, kinda dainty.. I need a pair to help dress me up with my buisness casual attire for next semester, I have kinda mis-placed my Diamond Studs at the moment and don't know that I would want to wear those anyways..
SO you got a fav pair or brand or seen something cute? Please share!!

I hope all my blog readers had a Blessed Christmas with their families and friends!

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Bloodhounds and Babies said...

I wear pearl studs a lot and LOVE them! I have a real pair that I wear for special occasions and a big fake pair from Wal Mart that I wear a lot too.


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