Sunday, December 5, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Day 2- Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

* So I am aware I am super behind, the 12/14 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge is almost complete and I am on Day 2... With my busy schedule and lack of blogging time lately I have decided my goal is to complete the 12/14 Days of Christmas by December 25th, Christmas Day! Sorry Aly & Molly for breaking the rules.. Please forgive me :)

Day 2 - Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

- Black Friday has already passed.. and I did not partake in any of the shopping madness but I will wing it!

*I have never done Black Friday Shopping, I've never had a reason to.. Don't have kids to go buy all the top selling toys for and don't have my own place yet to need that amazing deal on a 42" flat screen... My parents have told me they used to be the crazy people waiting in line at Toys R Us to get the best deals, Bless them for being the most amazing parents!

*For weeks my sweet friend Katie over at A Daily Dose of Dallas and I planned on being at Target when they opened and also hitting up Best Buy but the night before as we were both heading up to Baker St. to meet friends, we decided against it..

*I did go with another sweet friend Lindsey over at Longhorn in Houston to Target on the Saturday after black Friday after we went to an early morning yoga session and lunch. We went basically for a few necessities, and I ranked in on about 8 dvd's mostly costing 1.99 or 3.99!

*I have done a great deal of online shopping the past few weeks.. A few things I can think of that I've ordered... Photo gifts for my parents, a shirt for Brian, some ornaments, jeans for me, a funny sign to hang at our river house for my dad, a few things for my little Allie girl's first Christmas, a gift for my buffer Megan, some gifts to donate, a gift for my bff Rachael, some stuff for my brother, a graduation gift for a few of my fellow UH education friends graduating this semester.. and I think that's it so far. With all the "email deals" I keep getting I just can't resist! I've gotten up to 60% of some things and haven't paid over 3.99 for ANY shipping!!!

*Over the past couple years I'm growing to liking online shopping more.. If I know exactly what I want and know the quality, size, color, etc is good, it's almost just as easy to order it online with the cheap shipping everywhere is offering!!

*I very seldom buy anything without some sort of "promo code," I have even goggled until I have found one before placing an order!!

*We have had the same UPS guy deliver to our house since we moved here 13 years ago.. Everyone knows him on a first name basis, he even knows our dogs and talks to them every time he comes to the door.. Thursday night I heard his truck pulling up as the dogs started barking, I thought to myself NO way is Charles delivering at package at 9:40 at night.. Sure enough I look out and he's walking up the drive way, I went outside and joked with him and said "how dare me order so much that you have to work this late" he just laughed and said he enjoyed it, I told him to go home and go to bed, "he would probably be back tomorrow" sure enough, he delivered here again on Friday, eek!!! Needless to say, he's on my gift card purchase lists this year!

I don't really have any tricks or tips to share other than the online shopping I talked about above!

Oh actually I do have one thing... Some times if you find something you really like in a store, especially a boutique style shop, take a pic on your phone (or write it down, of course) of the info on the tag and go home and goggle it! Sometimes you will find you can only purchase the item wholesale or that is isn't cheaper online but sometimes you will find it for half the price!!!!

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