Monday, December 6, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Day 3- Meaningful/Memorable Gifts

Day 3: Meaningful/Memorable Gifts

* This might not be very relevant but I think my most meaningful and memorable gift would be the gift of life my parents have given me.. The unconditional love and support they have always shown me, the young woman they have taught me to grow into, the value they have shown me what true love and real friendships means, and the list goes on and on!

*Quality time with my family and friends!

*All the Christmas cards we receive early!

*ANYTHING handmade and/or personalized!!!

*Special ornaments.. Especially personalized with name, initial, year, or certain type that relates to my life

*Anything including a photo on it

*The Victoria Secret spray- "Heavenly" my Maw-Maw got me every year the last 5 years she was alive

I think my all time favorite gift that I can remember from the past few years would be far have to be my:

I think this gifts top all gifts of all for several reasons.. taking pictures is one of my most fav things to do, captures some lifetime memorable moments, great quality, and I can get so much use out of it for years to come as to some things in the past like cloths, toys, etc. that I only got minimal use out of!


Lindsey said...

I wish I had the time, money and dedication to be a photographer like you!

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