Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nails or No Nails?

I have a confession... I have been getting my nails "done" since I was a Soph or Junior in high school (2001/2002) yes that is approx. 9 years!!!! I'll admit, I'm a little at awe about this myself... Now just to justify for the sake of making myself feel better, I do not go every 2 weeks like they tell you to and you technically should cause they start looking a little ehh, so I have not been spending that much $$$... I have not had my nails "done" from time to time here and there for like a few weeks or a month throughout the past 9 ( breath...) years, simply to let them get stronger and simply let my nails take a break. Also my nails have gotten so long over time and also become strong enough that I don't really have "fake nails" anymore its just acrylic on top of my real nail.

SO here's the question... Has anyone ever done the transition of not having nails anymore?!?!

I am trying to "simplify" my life... I use this term very broadly, as I will still do other things that people would not consider simplified.. But this is one of my first things I feel needs to go! I have thought about it several times over the years but it was nothing more than a though.. It came into my head and quickly left as I started to think about all the things I love about having nails: Prettier hands, girlie, pampering myself, picking at things, making things easier to open, etc.
I have never really considered doing it...
I have been going to the same nail salon and lady for the past 5+ years.. I know she will try to talk me out of it simply because it is her business and she will want me coming back but I am determined to explain to her as why I don't want to do it anymore.. (wow I'm sounding kinda pathetic at this point)

So to close this question out.. I know I will still want to go get a manicure about once a month and I don't know that I will want a color on my nail but maybe just a pretty shimmer or clear looking polish.. Any tips or suggestions? I heard a few months back that OPI has something new out that is kind of hard like acrylic that you can get when you do a manicure..


Llama said...

Ohhh boy have I been there! It was a tough tough transition...I had been getting my nails done for 10+ years. Honestly though its has been 3 years since I have been without them and it has truly made my life sooo much simpler. I don't HAVE to get my nails done, but I can if I want to. The biggest downfall is that the nail polish doesnt last as long. Nevertheless in the end I like the natural look better and it saves me a tooooon of money! Good luck sweetie!

SG to SP said...

I use to get my nails done in high school but stopped when I went to college and was broke. It took a while for my "real" nails to get strong on their own. Even though they are long underneath they are usually pretty weak and will break right away. Same thing happened when I took my nails off that I had put on for the wedding. Good luck!

Kim said...

Good luck! I went 6 months without nails... and I did well, until stress starting getting to me and I started biting them. So back on they are. I hope for not as long, but I need something to get me out of biting them again. But I did save tons of money when I didn't get them done. (which was just, in turn, spent on mani/pedis) :)

Tiffany said...

I have been dealing with this debate for a while now. I have been getting my nails done for 9+ years as well. I have talked to my nail tech about transitioning due to the money and inconvenience, even though they also use my real nail with acrylic on top. She is more than happy to do it but the problem with me is I work two jobs where I constantly type and she said that even with the new OPI/AXXIUM gel technique they will be very fragile and paper thin which would last 3-4 months. I'm sure it still more than a manicure but cheaper than acrylic. I'm torn and not ready to take that leap, I love my acrylic! =)

Lindsey said...

I absolutely support your transition! It will save you $, stress, and to be honest, I think teaching and working with kids would be hard with longer nails.

I just got a schellac manicure (the one that's gel based and supposed to last 2 weeks) and I love it so far.

The transition might be hard but it will be worth it in the end!


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